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  1. Hi In Norway we had almost Just or own Astra Machine types, but I Wonder if this is also a UK version ? The topp is loaded with lamps No reels. I dont have the game prome so would be Nice if a UK version mayby would work ? Thanks
  2. Hi my camera on the phone is cracked. So waiting on replacement. But if you think that you see straight on the board the pin is on the right side and there is only to cabels out booth is on the left top side pin 1 and 2 from top. If it makes sense ?
  3. Where the speaker is connected it the two pins on left in top of the big black connector marked special i/o
  4. Hi i am now working on the machine again i have tried ro change the epoch board and it makes no changes. The machine only make the little 'beep' when reels stop and no more alle the aound works in test mode and volume also. The game has two sound proms and one speaker. Any idea ?
  5. Yes that is correct. All the sound files works fine in test mode.
  6. Hi no alarm, only refill alarm and that alarm worked and made sound. And like i Said The sound works fine om test mode. But i Will check the psu tomorrow.
  7. Hi I have a very nice cherry 2000 slot machine that uses epoch board. No sign of battery damage, i have Replaced the battery. And all works great except the sound it is only making a little "pip" every time the reels stops, but the sound test works great in the test Menu on all sound files. Someone know how to Fix this ? Thanks
  8. Hi Is it possible to copy a working chr chip ? Same as eprom burner?
  9. Hi does anyone have this Char. Chip with same number as on picture (M441) Also i need working mpu4 mai board if someone have for sale ? Thanks
  10. But out from the picture of the video board does anyone see where the RTC backup can be ?
  11. I see noe that i posted this in wrong topic, that is because i always work om pre 95 machines almost. Have one more thing about the machine, i have replaced the flat battery on program board and IT remembers all settings except the time an date, is this stored inn a other place ?
  12. Btw does anybody know about other mpu 5 video slot machines ? That runs on the same board as pictured ? The machine is made by barcrest and IGT
  13. Also the video mpu5 5 program card has to black wire out from a Input conection, where should they go? They where atached to the top door switch. One of them have 2,5V
  14. Hi have this machine that works and show games inn open door modus ( demo mode ) see picture. But when i close door ut says no games available ( i have refill IT also) but this happen when i changed the ICIS setup " VLT poll Value from 0 to 1" and i cant change back to 0 but from 1 to 64. But befor this change it went in Demo mode white door close and open. Does Anny body know what is wrong or if i need to sett a spec numbers om the VLT? And what does VLT Value means? Thanks
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