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  1. Still Autoroute all day long... even more so as I've got one again... 😜😜
  2. Another Maygay M1a board repaired and saved from the scrap heap..😎 The board booted but alarmed 2.4 reel 4 error... The board had slight battery leakage that had rotted out 3 via's. So three links added to replace damaged tracks and replaced faulty GAL chip and the new battery fly wired off the board, and now its working fine... Well it is at the minute anyway..😂😂😉      
  3. Thanks for your reply Bob... Where's the best place to get these?
  4. Just after abit of advice as I've not done much with board repairs for years.. 😬 Got one of my mod 2 boards running again but need a Sound/Volume pot(VR1).. are these still available to buy or is it a case of robbing one off another board. I've got another couple of non running boards but was hoping to have a go at fixing them. I hate scrapping anything..😂 Regards Lemmo.
  5. Hi all, I'm looking for a Game Card for an Maygay M1a if anyone can spare one. Thanks Lemmo.
  6. I've not done any repairs on one of these for many years. The fault was reset when paying out. After taking a quick look at the board I spotted this on the regulator board. After a couple of messages with Midibob and taking his advice on board I swapped those ones out and replaced them with these 3 new ones. Its all back in and tested and now my Autoroute pays out as it should again...😎
  7. Lemmo

    Cloud 999 Roms

    The Cloud 999 £4.80 Token 20p play that Zippy put up.
  8. Lemmo

    Cops N Robbers Roms

    Nice one.. will def have it if you have.
  9. Lemmo

    Cloud 999 Roms

    Tried those roms today... unfortunately they don't work..🥺
  10. Lemmo

    Cops N Robbers Roms

    Thanks Paul.. I will have to try and find one of these boards and give it a try. Lemmo
  11. Bit of a head scratcher this one. I've put in the £6 Token Jackpot 20p play roms I've got off here and there's a problem of the 10p 20p 50p coins are accepted as normal but don't add any credits. £1 gives 5 credits as it should. Other than that it all plays as it should. The coin mech flashes once for accepted coin and they go where they should but don't add the credits. Putting back in the £10 cash roms and it all works as it should and all coins give credits. I've burn't the roms 3 times to make sure it weren't that... all the same result. Has anyone else come acrossed this? Regards Lemmo.
  12. I had a read through that... all good work... First thing I noticed on the picture was £3 Jackpot... Thats the only £3 Topsprint I've ever seen... all the ones I played back in the day were £1.50/5p... 😎
  13. I've seen a few posts over the years of people with JPM Winsprint but not seen a Topsprint since back in the day... Used to play it alot back then..😎.. Expecting there probably aren't any thats been saved and won't ever see one again, So I was very surprised to see an absolute mint one appear on one of Jimmy's videos yesterday... although he said not for sale and we know it will be a fortune when he decides it is.. it sort of proves they are all out there somewhere waiting to be found... he certainly finds them and had a few other desirable machines in the video... he's not cheap, but I suppose if someone wants something bad enough...😎
  14. Lemmo

    Cloud 999 Roms

    Yes it plays well but I'd like it back to its original state, firing out loads of tokens..😂😂
  15. Lemmo

    Cloud 999 Roms

    Thanks Zippy...😎
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