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  1. I might have one. I'll have a look next time I'm in the loft.
  2. Let's keep politics out of it, please? I come here to avoid shite like that.
  3. That lead free solder can go straight in the bin.
  4. I haven't worked in the industry, the closest I got was when I was doing a Software Engineering degree and asked the Placements team about working for a fruit machine manufacturer during the 3rd year. The Placements team told me "forget it, they only take graduates" so that was the end of that. I dropped out of university not long after, then went back to college to do electronics instead!
  5. Only the slot for the security card or whatever they called it.
  6. Blimey, never seen one of those before. I wonder if it's the same hardware as Give Us A Break?
  7. If it's the card that is in the photos above then I'm not surprised they didn't want to fix it. It needs a lot of time spending on it, there's no guarantee it'll ever be reliable again, and time is money.
  8. Cracked solder joints on the connector pins isn't uncommon either. I'd be resoldering the whole lot on the reel backboard and MPU3 to rule them out.
  9. I'm not great on 6809 assembly language unfortunately. If it was Z80 I'd stand more of a chance!
  10. Very little, IMHO, because the cost of a board is so high. Others may disagree.
  11. How much do I think what is worth?
  12. Good luck getting a working board, they're like rocking horse sh*t. Then you'll need an ESP board and somebody to burn the ROMs for you, if they're not already in the machine.
  13. Start with the easy stuff... take all the cards out and clean the edge connectors and remove any socketed chips, clean their pins with fine sandpaper and refit them.
  14. No problem. It's funny how I can remember obscure stuff like this but can't remember what I did last week.
  15. Just found this thread about a Gowerpoint machine and there's a photo of the tech. it looks very familiar!
  16. It's another PCL (Panelwire Controls Limited) processor unit and is probably the precursor to PCL Maxi. It also looks similar to the tech that Gowerpoint were using just before they went bump.
  17. Try this! BFM System 83 Service Manual.pdf
  18. No, thank you for going to the effort of doing this! I'd be interested to hear about these companies, particularly Coinmaster, as I must be one of the few people who still owns any Coinmaster boards.
  19. Just as we thought, three channels of lamps on and one channel off at any one time. Imagine how crap it would look if only one quarter of the lamps were on at any time
  20. I doubt this is normal for it to be so hot.
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