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  1. There were a couple but inthink one got scrapped .Will post a vid once it's working. And yeah its a brilliant machine for sure 👏 👍🏻
  2. Thanks for the offer ,how ever I have three good reeldecks and the bands are pretty good on all three .just having issues getting the binary reel to read the sensors so hence getting no nudges or wins .with bobs help we'll get there. I have the 10p and 5p version roms and glasses .
  3. Its perfect mart .look forward to seeing it in the machine
  4. Obviously it was just used for the tech bloke to plug into
  5. Must try it on my nifty nudge once i get it working !
  6. Yeah couldn't open a single vid up im afraid .stick em on YouTube a d forward the link .Great to see a machine restoration all the same .
  7. Lovely stuff mart and full credit to youbfor cleaning this classic up well worth the effort .you'll have e to get a spotlights to sit next to it now !😉
  8. We are hungry for that vid mart 😁
  9. Cash bank is a brilliant machine .glad to own one and the jp tune is awesome.
  10. Top quality machine .Well done for bagging it .
  11. Ah yes I think Steve lancett visited that arcade and did a few vids of it .
  12. Found it .it was taken 5 years ago so he may of closed it by now 🤷
  13. I'm.sure there was an arcade in Shanklin run by Steve of swallow amusement s?
  14. Nice to see one crop up but most likely mds as pete says .looks in great condition.
  15. Brilliant capture Chris and really enjoyed the watch .love the commentary too and you sounded quite happy for some reason when the jp was given !😁quite standard format for a machine of this age but Great sounds .
  16. Likewise i thought at least double that plus a bit more .
  17. £88 John. Bargain at that id say
  18. Surely they wouldn't of been allowed to do that as too many complaints would have been made .is there a cheat mode or dips inside the machine you can alter ?
  19. I'd say £150-200 tops working. The 5p game just isn't as good .I had the game card but turns out it was missing a rom or it was corrupted
  20. Previous page Simon there's a nice long vid
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