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  1. i am confident its in downloads.. maybe someone can work out how to find it might be worth contacting pete_w about it ?
  2. I am confident its in the meccas downloads section. Its a shame its so poor and hard to find anything. Its been like it for years so many useful uploaded documents not being used and enjoyed as a result
  3. gotta be one in downloads matty . if not shirts will help you out
  4. hello scott . great to see you here. hope you enjoy your time here
  5. hello and welcome enjoy your stay here
  6. Hello and a very warm welcome to you i am sure we all would like to hear your stories if you have any .
  7. riche100

    Quids In

    new i had seen it somewhere lol
  8. hello lee great to see you here enjoy your stay
  9. hello and welcome to you
  10. i cant believe youve beat me too it zippy one day ive got to own a machine of my own .. until then i can hear about machines from those people fortunate to have them
  11. hi there chicken kyle enjoy your stay here
  12. hello and welcome james
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