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  1. Hello and welcome to you I hope you enjoy your stay here
  2. Hello tom. Great to see you here Enjoy your stay
  3. ive never worked in the industry , i havent even got my own machine maybe one day .... anyway keep the stories coming please frank .. and thanks for what youve contributed already
  4. https://www.leisureservices.biz/namco.html there is one here , they might have more and do you a deal ? only in ilkeston too
  5. www.udc.co.uk you could try there if cpuhacker cant help you , or jm amusements or maybe ian eason ? i expect youve asked on ukvacs ? wonder if you could hack the guns that came with the playstation game? i am sure it was the same as the arcade ? maybe it wasnt just throwing ideas about hope you get sorted
  6. ive scanned and uploaded the global flyers to the sites resources page
  7. ive had a look sadly this is all i have at the moment Global wise : cash crazy all in a days work pick of the bunch heartbreak hotel grid runner trick or treat club greed the blackjack club tales of the unexpected super blackjack driving school screwing around thrill and spills king of the swingers wacky weekend its your call stake your claim licence to thrill fields of gold just the job monkey business classic cash up yer riggin whats up doc carry on clubbin chequered flag club dynamite pontoon club sorry
  8. do you mean these jpm roulette machines frank ? , but obviously in francs ? i cant wait to hear your future content
  9. hello nelis, great you found us .. enjoy your time here
  10. the look like twin tubs lol be a good project for someone .. hope someone goes for them thanks for sharing the listing ron
  11. Hello and welcome Mr egg was here first
  12. righto after many years ive finally stuck all the flyers i have left in manufacturer order i am sure there are some that are not scanned for whatever reason so please if there are any gaps or anything wanted please list game name and manufacturer and i will have a quick look , cant promise anything . stay safe you lot rich
  13. just to let you know frank, i believe some of those machines are now back in the uk some to mention : bar 7s silver ghost clickety click and a couple of blackjack or poker type video machines ..... I believe they paid these tokens out too
  14. hello giogio, great to see you hope you enjoy your time here
  15. hi lesta lad ..... welcome to the forum . i hope you enjoy your time here la la la leicestershire
  16. just to let you all know for now the issue is fixed by using the mecca members help and advice with possible parts and solutions thank you
  17. Well well well ive managed something and it works lol I decided against removing what looked to be a riveted coil etc. And just decided to move everything from the old bases and piggyback the new relay on top lol Thanks everyone Happy days
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