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  1. hello pistol pete, great to see you here hope you enjoy your stay
  2. hi dom passion, i hope you enjoy your time here and get involved good to see you
  3. hello and welcome , so glad you found this site enjoy your stay
  4. if it is, there are manuals for this tech in the downloads section i am sure of it
  5. riche100

    E10 60V bulbs?

    i think he is pulling your pisser .. i can always go collect some from him for you if need be ... let me trawl through my emails see when i brought some last and how much he charged this is what he said to me in 2017
  6. riche100

    E10 60V bulbs?

    depends how its wired . might only be 1 or 2 channel .. like on off etc .. i dont know enough to help you proper but hope ive kinda helped .. good luck with it .. like i say i managed to get my lights working well enough
  7. riche100

    E10 60V bulbs?

    leisure lites (will sort you out) google it ronnie remember 60v bulbs so you need 4 to make 240v , if not depending how its wired the whole channel wont light or you may blow the remainder of the bulbs on that channel if you stick 240v to a line with only 60v on it.. https://leisurelites.co.uk last time i brought some i think he charged me 15 quid for 100 . collected . i made my rainbow light 240v leds though lol ... but the cave lights are still 60v bulbs .. like the ones you need stay safe
  8. hello and welcome sorry that your having to fiddle with your fiddle hope you sort the fiddle out
  9. hello and welcome enjoy your long stay here
  10. welcome back frank and for contributing further and letting us share a insight into what happened and the process youve gone through etc happy days p.s cant beat a jpm token randomly found to trigger a memory , amazing how such little things can spark us back up again , i look forward to seeing and reading more from you
  11. Thanks to everyone involved All i read is good news in this thread
  12. i hear version one roms, are the ones with somekind of trick in them ? god knows can someone dump them and see if they have whatever trick or machine issue that was written out in later versions ? thanks though mr p and tony amot be some folks with piss on there chips now i think lol
  13. hello and welcome to the forum enjoy your stay
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