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  1. Thanks, that makes sense as there super smooth. Do you know if thats the same for MPU3, sure they are 20 symbols per symbol (may be 24) can't remember without looking.
  2. Hi Guys. I know there are 20 symbols per reel (on EWS anyway). Does anyone know how many steps the motor is please? Cheers John
  3. Yeah look great. You're much better than sulzerned.
  4. You can adjust the height by removing the bar and using different holes making it higher. No need for washers (unless i'm wrong of course :))
  5. Sorted guys, seems i just needed to set up a password for windoze
  6. Hi all Sorry if this is a dumb question but I had to change my computer recently as old one fucked up. Im trying to use old MFME's that have worked for years no problem. I'm getting the following: A quick google search says that it's a permission thing. I tried starting MFME with admin permissiond but makes no difference. Can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong please>?
  7. I'm normally against converting back but Adders is a class game.
  8. Thank god a good guy got it. If certain people on here had got that it would be up for 3k now (provided the dummies could fix it ;))
  9. Don't be a cowboy and fit a TFT. If you do, delete me out of your life.
  10. So you want to alter the number of credits per coin? If you want to convert from Guilder to Euro you would just chan ge the coin acceptor. If you want to actually alter the program you will need to hack out the CRC check as altering the ROM in any way (even 1 byte) will throw an EPROM error.
  11. I did some a few years back for one of my Dutch friends. Can't remember though without looking into it. From what i remember I used the BFEMU and i had to use hex editor to spilt the ROM (don't quote me on any of that as i might have drempt it :)) What do you actually want to do? Machine to emu or vice versa? What ROM is it?
  12. I'll take it please @forcefulfil I'll PP you £500 as gift and send you some faulty T&F boards
  13. Not had chance to look through yet, sorry.
  14. I worked at Bell Fruit for 15 years. I'm still in the industry and now 27 years deep. I seen a lot of things at Bell Fruit, good and bad. Bell Fruit gone now. Sad but guess thats the way it was always going to go. Some great years there. Love reading your posts @Frank Bird. I could tell some stories but not in as much detail as you
  15. Ok so it's not in my files. I still have more artwork to check through so will keep an eye out. Lots of discs that aren't labeled.
  16. Fucking hell, give me chance, I have a job, 2 kids and a wife :). Will make a big effort.
  17. I would say its a Bally and age around 70's
  18. Hi @innfection Didn't I post any over at DIF? If not i'll take a look.
  19. Never seen "no clock fitted". It shouldn't even be looking for a clock. Very weird
  20. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/194198164954
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