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  1. Yeah i'm not sure about that sound card thing. Thats more your department
  2. Did you? I think you will find they are still in the garage
  3. Says the man who buys fire wood
  4. I spoke to the person tonight with said machine. Told him to disconnect all lamps. Dodgy connections on lamps can cause all kinds of issues. Also if the PSU is scruggling with the current draw it can cause issues. It's got a trace error too. Poor PSU plug pins too could cause problems especially if they are going rusty or are heat damaged. Lots of things to check. Bet your board is fine.
  5. Thanks to Del for the upload
  6. The machine will flash memory error every time until all doors are shut. If you fit a new battery and then boot machine up with back door open it will flash the alarm everytime. If you shut the door, it will flash once and never again. Hope that helps
  7. Global Scorp 1 will be different error codes as different software. Global would have written their own system software.
  8. Nice one Matty, don't be helping any of them dealers out
  9. Hows it going Tony, wow it's been ages. I still owe you £40 (I reckon from about 15 plus years ago). Drop me a PM and i'll fire it across
  10. I actually thought about delaying the hopper pulses and doing a sound. I do like hoppers though
  11. A video of some longer play, you get to see the shuffle feature here for anyone interested.
  12. You can quickly see what data and strobes are knackered in test. No need for a manual. Theres a lamp on every data over all the strobes so: Start on strobe 1 and go through all the data's, if you come to a data missing, just advance the strobe until you hit one. Once all datas are tested do the same for the strobe, so on strobe 1 data 0 just advance through the strobes. Thats what I used to do. You can also (sure this is on scorp 2, (maybe 4)) light the whole strobe up and go though them. You could even make your own LED matrix up that plugs onto the lamps (a bit like you see on the FTU's). This would be cool, and super clear
  13. Just us the scorp 2 manual. What do you want the club cops for? The only thing the manual will tell you is button and lamp info. Courtesy of Dr Slots. I can't find the attached in the downloads weirdly enough. This has schematics in for all parts of the board. Scorpion II Workshop Manual [wmark].pdf
  14. I have flyer, can high res scan if you want.
  15. Yup, I’m crap at spelling. I just can’t get interested in it. I just spell it how I want and hope for the best BJ 🤣
  16. When i worked at Bell Fruit there were huge bins of the 10mm bulbs. They were there for the taking. You used to use a scoop to get them out. A bit like pick mix. I have hardly any now, I should have stock piled em
  17. I'm going to the isle of white the week after next :). Never been before.
  18. Nice. Is that a hi lo silver clone?
  19. The video shows Reset (open and close back door) When resetting hold down TOGETHER hold 1 + start Let go of buttond once it's all set up Open back door, put into test. Turn refil key and go through tests, you will see the extra ones at the end.
  20. Is there a word missing after '1st hold' such as another button.......... no see below. 2 buttons "1st hold and start down together"
  21. Compensators decide when wins are paid. A machine has several compenstors, for example: Small wins Big wins Board wins Each compensator is a pot filling up. Each pot will have levels. Level 5 or 6 on a Bell fruit means its very generous (ready to pay), level 0 or 1 is tight mode. For each go the pots fill up. Lets say it's 10p a go running at 78%. 7.8p will be split between the pots, where 2.2p will go to the cash tin. Each pot has a chance of triggering. Once triggered a value will be allocated. If the small wins pot is triggered and theres £10 in it, it could pay £1. Doesn't pay the whole thing. The above is just a rough example. There is more to it but i'm not an expert. Machine play much better when using random and is a fairer game for all. As soon as a compensated machine pays out loads it's dead for ages.
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