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  1. Yeah top man. Sorted very quick and all working nicely. Had em done before where the acceptance was poor.
  2. Any news on this? Anyone got it?
  3. I came across it lads. Someone grab it.
  4. Hi all Looking for the mounting clips if any of you great guys have any lying around I don't expect anything for free so happy to pay whatever. Cheers John
  5. Player

    Hard drive issue

    Or https://www.ccleaner.com/recuva
  6. Check the 5v rail. That supplies the reset circuit. Needs to be between 4.8v and max 5.2v. It should come out of reset without video card plugged in. I don't think this is official Bell Fruit even though it's in a Bell Fruit cab. I don't remember seeing these.
  7. I always thought the CHAR performed logical operations. Does it just store values that the ROM needs to work correctly. I thought the CHAR was programmed like a FPGA and was a custom IC.
  8. Sorry @netdent. I totally forgot. Do you still want these bulbs??
  9. That sounds amazing. Love to know how it works. I didn't think it was possible to get around it.
  10. Didn’t I get you a glass for this???
  11. Got any pics please?
  12. Cool can you text me his info please you horrible bastard.
  13. Hi all. Can anyone recommend the best person for this please? Got a couple that need doing. Cheers John
  14. Bump, anyone found one yet
  15. £50 finders fee no problem
  16. Looking to buy one if any of you nice chaps knows of one ;)
  17. Nope, already spoke to him. This was new to him.
  18. Hi all Anyone got one of these: Cheers John
  19. Great work. I have one to do and was thinking black metal work would look nice. I'm defo sold now so will do em all in black. Thanks for sharing
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