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  1. Hi . Does anyone know if there is an alternative to the ay8930 sound chip that will work on an m1 board? The ay8910 and the yahama 2149 doesnt seem to work properly on an m1 and the only 8930 i can see is in china . Thanks
  2. I find mark particularly nice guy .i went to his house over ayear ago i loved queen machine he had bit modern for some i know .i bought it for £300 . At the time they were going between £500 an £700 . But he wasn't interested . Genuine guy . Not after big bucks .rather do you afavour
  3. I've had mech's done by hartley hare been fine too
  4. Hi guys. Has anyone got bottom glass for pink panther red one ? Thanks
  5. Your doing well mate .coming on to these boards quicker than me I think . I always do it but it takes time . And sometimes I have to call on the magik man . Who is a legend and taught me alot . And I've copied Andrew's track for track repairs . Everyone always says the track repairs I do are good and I always tell them copied Andrew's so you learn abit of everyone an adopt little of your own .
  6. Good job Matty .I Always change that row above an below battery matt even if suspect working specially on a damaged one .😉
  7. Hi guys. Has anyone got an eastenders it's the blue one not sure if red an blue machines have same reel I think they might .top reel Thanks
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FABaTcFBMuQ&t=18s lastest maygay repair
  9. i bought a fully working clean as awhistle m1a of ebay for £30 about 5 years ago you wouldn't get ascrapper for that now i've paid £50 for ascrapper if its looked good
  10. If the doors are open it wont payout it's in like ademo mode
  11. And you want them all working theres about 9 months work there unless .you have all the time in the world and are retired🤣
  12. Yeah that's the working one that someones borrowed me to no joy and yeah black earth wire goes into it
  13. I've got another card I've put in and its defo solenoid the spare I've put in as reels spin backwards and it wont go in test an I know that came out of aback opener
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