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  1. Have decided to keep my arcade cab so could a mod close this thread now please i have sorted collection with dj bez for next week and will continue to pm till delivery is complete :-)
  2. Last bump looking for £50 so it doesnt end up in a skip would be a shame :-(
  3. Near rotherham dn12 postal area sorry just got this im not getting notifications for some reason
  4. Cops and robbers clubber still needs to go needs new battery flyleading as is starting to leak reels could do with rebanding and speaker connector is currently wired but not working think its a loose wire looking for £60 collected
  5. On The Busses Provisionally sold to Parzo pending payment
  6. Got a bell fruit cops n robers scorp 2 needs a small amount of work as speaker wire loose and not been used in a while and a on the busses maygay looking for 150 the pair collected will split also a candy cab mame arcade machine for £200 hope its okay to post here if you look at my previous posts some pics are in there *update* Fruitys sold candy cab still for sale
  7. Mine is doing exactly the same I found it was a loose conection on the actual plug on the motherboard for the sound gave it a wiggle works great for now !
  8. Sussed it easy when you know the reels have a letter a to d on the end reels go right to left from the back pic is reel c therefore reel 3 probably teaching people to suck eggs but I didnt know !
  9. Havent got the manual unfortunatley if someone could link me to it or help by posting the reel band order that would be great
  10. Took these out to clean didnt make a note of the order now it doesnt pay out as it thinks its not lined up any ideas how to tell which reel is which please
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