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  1. Hi - Not been about for a longtime..... You know how it is, just too many things to do :-( To keep some of my machine's I have had to agree to give-up some of my storage space. This means 3 machines have to go! Addams Family - £5 with decals, also have £25 chip and decals. all working fine Brenco - King Strike, 1p play, takes old 10p & 2p (Retro Nostalgia) a little noisy sometimes. working and pays out. Taito, Space Invaders - Just a shell, a project that I bought & haven't touched..... There you go, will list on Saturday, if anyone is interested get in touch. Thanks
  2. Who is this? I live in Leamington Spa.....
  3. Great looking compact machine, never saw any with a £2 jp. Wow lovely to see it working. I need t go to IOW to checkout at least 2 arcades for some nostalgia ;-) Thanks for sharing.
  4. Hi All Been a while, I have just seen this and can remember playing this type of machine as a boy with my dad in Coral Island Torquay. Did they do any other names as I do remember the size of cab, but thought there were different variants with all sorts of features. from memory I think they were 2p play (But you had to put 10p in) with £1 jackpot. Golden years of arcades though being born in 1968..... Many happy days of feeding 10p's and pleading with my dad for another go on a classic Video Game Thanks for the info as I was trying to find out some info on this size of cab as well.
  5. Hi Vinny Glad to see your back with us m8 Nice find too I remember playing this as well, can only remember getting the jackpot once though. I like this machine, but if you had the glasses for Exchanges, got to agree I would be really tempted to convert it back.
  6. Nice Buy Ron, that'll certainly keep you busy Where abouts was the arcade/how far did you have to travel ?
  7. Both great video fruties, remember playing both (Sidewinder in my local off=licence) in the early 80's The swap feature with the reels still stick in my mind, seeing One Reel Set changing places with the other. Great Feature
  8. Remember playing this as a kid, great machine Steve - Lots of fun as I remember Who was the maker of this ? Allied Leisure, Associated Leisure or something like that ? now that's got me thinking about something else....... Can remember stopping at any of the services down the M5 around the Bristol area in the early 80's and there was a company similar to this that supplied all of the Zaccaria Video Game cabs at the time - the service's were packed with them ! Happy Days :D
  9. Hi Phil You say the camera has packed-up, but are the photo's stored on a memory card ? If so, you can pop-it in a card reader and copy them to your PC ? I might be stating the obvious, but just in case I thought I would mention ;-) Nice vid's by the way......
  10. Nice Find Stu, Looks like it's been tucked away in a working mens club or similar where the little old cleaning lady used to give it a buff daily drool......
  11. Hi All Had to go down to Sittingbourne with work yesterday, on my way I realised that this wasn't to far from Gravesend and thought Mr P's . Unfortunately I didn't get there till 5.50pm and he was shut - . At least I know where it is now, ready for next time !
  12. After 12 months of my machine being without an MPU and my Games Room now nearing completion, was really pleased when I spoke to Steve Lancett about some spare MPU3's. Unfortunately when my board started playing-up, sent it to Magik for him to check out, but the verdict was not good - it was fried beyond repair :-( Have been looking ever since for a replacement and spares, A big thank-you for dropping them off yesterday Steve. Really pleased to say that SLU is now working again . Have spent the past 2 hours playing on it, still feels as good as ever playing it, still my favourite machine from my youth. Thanks Again m8, your a star
  13. Hi Al, Thanks for that ;-) I think he needs them burning though, if anyone can help out. I'm sure he'll explain when he get's up to speed with site navigation. Cheers M8, Mark
  14. Posted this on behalf of - sam20sam (New to the MECCA) Looking for MPU3 Lineup £3 jpot proms, can anyone out there help me?? I suggested, John (Player) might be able to help him. He's new to the site and not quite sure of his way round at the moment, so please try and be understanding ;-) Thanks Mark
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