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  1. money monster2


    Hi all , finally back on a proper PC , and having a few tech problems in my Arcade , biggest one yet is that i have got my switch settings for the Cromptons Good Luck Grabber , but i cant clear the constant 98 free credits !!! anyone can help me please , oh and have a fully stocked workshop of Fruit machine glass , game cards and some eproms Best wishes Lee
  2. money monster2


    Thanks guys for the replys to my recent post , but i still need a manual for the namco belly bomber machine and also a manual to change the price of play on a Cromptons Good Luck Grabber and manual , i have tried unsuccessfully on a few sites but all to no avail Help me please brothers Lee
  3. Hello all , currently sorting out my work shop full of bits and pieces and would like help in trying to get the manual for the Namco Belly Bomber machine , unsuccessfully tried Namco , Brent , and the big one on the internet KLOV , Please
  4. Hi all can anyone tell me please where i can download any Fruit machines and Video and Novelty machine manuals
  5. Help needed please , i have acquired an old road hog , set on 5p 4 00 pound , works ok , however no sound , 1 I have tried volume pot on game card 2 I have tried new sound Proms 3 I have tried volume switch on main mpu 4 board 4 I have tried new Mpu board 5 I have tried new Psu 6 I have tried new speaker 7 All relevant wires seem to be ok Anything else i should be looking for , regards lee
  6. Hello chaps , has any member got an Action Bank for sale , played it years ago fantastic machine , would like one for my arcade . Best wishes Money Monster
  7. Hi guys just following on from last post , the machine is a BFG NUDGE GAMBLER similiar to the rebuild from coralhaze exactly same colours but on old style mech etc , does anyone know where i could buy one from ? thanks for taking the time to read this MM2
  8. Hello Mecca , hope your all well looking after yourselves its been a while , anyway one of my customers has been on holiday here for the past week , and it made his holiday ( his words not mine ) to find we have a couple of old crazy fruits bell fruits round buttons machines , what would him more happier was if he we had a PURPLE RED BELLFRUIT SUPER NUDGE GAMBLER ( sorry about caps ) , to be honest never seen one or even heard of one ? be back soon Money Monster
  9. hi mate, get back on msn hows the arcade?

  10. how you doin buddy long time no speak

  11. Yes here is a picture of one. if can help it will be a big help....
  12. Hello guys ,long time since i posted on here .But i have mislead where i put my monoply decals .I currently have it set on £25.00 25p ,and wish to drop it down to £5.00 10p ,its a red monoply which is by bell fruit and has a note acceptor fitted and is a hopper payout and front opener ,if that helps anyone then i would be grateful to anyone that can help me out. Regards MM2
  13. As daft as the title sounds ,i do need some bits and pieces to help build back up my three tuppenny nudgers .As TTX has now repaired the mps2 boards im short on some of the following ,which of course i will obviously pay for inc postage . 3x 10p tubes (the proper size please ) inc holes cut out for sensors . 3x£1 tubes 3x triac boards As a wild guess just to same time three psu as well . Incidently i did have all of these bits but with having quite a few jpms (mps2) I have had to borrow parts . Thank you for your time in reading this . REGARDS MM2
  14. Makin a bit more space in me cellars now ,i have got quite a lot of glasses top reels and bottom ,will make a note on friday and post on here if anyones in need of anything pm me ,goin to also turn me ex workshop into penny museum with working penny machines and non workers too that should be ready in about three weeks so ,so feel free to pop up north and pop down in me cellars and see what i got . CELLARV. regards MM2
  15. Well just to update everyone ,i have done awaywith win strike cash counter 5way shuffle 2 bar xs and friday should see a funeral for lucky arrows nudge double up mk4 ,not certain on deal em yet as i have a chap who potentially wants to give it a new home . Regards MM2
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