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  1. It should have come out of reset but that's not to say it's the only problem. Drop me a pm if you are stuck 😉.
  2. This one... Make sure the 3 snipped legs are not touching each other after cutting...
  3. There is no link as I made the conversion board myself. It takes just about any 24 pin ram chip I think. It should all be big and fast enough for SRU as it's only addressing 2K. I've made the odd one or two here and there but it's a lot of messing to be worth making for any old ebayer. We are not sure you even need RAM at this point to get your machine up.
  4. Don't start with the ram. It's extremely sensitive to static so is easily killed if you are not ESD aware.. The usual culprit is stuck in reset, but I've seen all sorts of issues. Tbh it is often ram but it can become expensive just trying chips... CPU next... Then what?. You can check its high with a volt meter on the ls148 chip pin 4 I believe (chip next to the heat sink) You can snip off a transistor to the left of the trimmer pot on the led side & it will come out of reset. Seen many a board like this. I run 24 pin ram 5115 or 6116 as the 1k ram is so hard to find in good shape. It's quite a lot of work to make these conversation boards & they are different to the mpu3 / system 80 type as the ram pinot is different Sussed the conversation myself a few years ago and runs fine after a fair bit of trial and error. Not much to see as it's all going on under chip.
  5. Both have 2111 on them but the top ones probably killed by static as are in polystyrene. SRU ram?
  6. This is the game I've been after a pic for for years!!! Amazing to see this!!
  7. Have you tries chopping my files in half to see if the emulator only covers MMM upto 24 pin ROMs? I'd guess this 2764 MMM board was really short lived as procon plus soon came along. There don't seem to be any external interlocks (like system 80 has) as the board boots with just 15V applied to the smoothing cap. So nothing external to the baord on any ports is holding it in reset (unless my ports happen to be stuck)
  8. Jumper is just a temp solution but so glad to get it going. Here is the mess that got it running Edit - Pin 17 is the (not) NMI (non maskable interupt) so I knew a low signal was not good as it holds CPU in interupt state. I really don't like not been able to use the Cro. Almost gave up on this one!
  9. Thanks Bob & everyone. I got it to do a reset beep repeatedly and got stuck without being able to probe it. I tried linking a load of batteries together and putting around 15V across the big capacitor - same repeat beet but batteries didn't last long. I borrowed 777h PSU and put the 15V line across the big cap and could probe it without blowing the 16.A fuse on that PSU. Finally I could see CPU pin 17 was low (should be high on procon so didn't look right). the pin has a pullup resistor bit is also linked to a bit of the board which has missing components (look like never been fitted) and not east to see where track is shorting. It didn't seem to bell to anything. So pullup resistor jumped directly to CPU pin 17 and we are in business (in a kind of resistor half hanging off the board and CPU leg not in socket linked by wire temp. hack) I still don't really know why I can't probe it with it's own PSU. One of life's mysteries I guess. only draws 0.003uA from a 3.6V battery.
  10. Hi Bob It had 5517 ram. I just used the 6116 as a sub as I know it's fast enough for pc90. also has 4 extra pins on the rom sockets to accommodate 2764. Most other chips are the same I think. The Cro won't work on some boards without ground but is fine on all JPM boards without ground. All procon boards need grounding so nothing unusual. If I ground it and probe CPU pin 1 fuse gone. Same with any other pin probe. If I put the Cro ground onto ROM pin 1 the machine starts flipped out with all sorts of things making noise. Will have a look on another machine to see if it's Cro gone bad. Gone through quite a few 1.6A fuses today.
  11. These do run (sometimes) in the machine. But I can't for the life of me get it running today. Blows the 15V line fuse if you touch it with the oscilloscope
  12. The board has a switch for 2732 or 2764. My rips were from 2764 but perhaps if you split the ROMs in half they may run as 2732? Worth a shot bud
  13. Thanks Ron . The back door has 86 but game name don't match, hence my confusion. The Levi paid sticker in the cab also says m/catcher. Is mmm (triple M) and PCL maxi the same Tec? Most of the chip layout is the same as mmm
  14. Here are the ROMs Maygay Money drop.zip I can't make up my mind if it is Money drop as the labels in the back say Money Catcher
  15. This is the machine by the way
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