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  1. HMMMMM security device has me thinking cause it does a load of stuff with the PIA and 6850 before it hangs with these ROMs. I think Im going try this the other way round atm, Im gonna see if I can the black box CPU board Im fighting with to run golden shot ROMs because they do run in the emulator. Nice little outing for the needhams.
  2. Hi gents, Im after a bunch of fruit machines for a holiday location : Astra Celebration, Astra party time player Electrocoin Super Bar X Any project coin machines, Any Electrocoin casino cabs, Club climber barcrest, Any other MPU4s >>> Now, before you all start laughing your heads off, Im only after the DXs of the machines (had yous going there for a minute didnt I?) See Im away on holiday in a wee bit and its still under level 2 rules so stuffs gonna be shut and the seaside arcades are either closed or limited to redemption rubbish, so I thought I would take an arcade with me. I can only download a couple of files at a time from the fruit-emu, I did try and donate to them a while back but I never gained a supporters badge, so I thought I would ask here. Drop me anything youve got saved away, about 20 or so DXs will keep me occupied when Im not out walking to the harbour etc. Thanks in advance, if It helps I could drop some beer tokens for a USB stick to be sent to me etc. Speak later and thanks in advance again!
  3. Ok, so I will post more photos and vids in a few days. But I have noticed things that dont make a lot of sense. Its not to do with the ROMs. Theres a lot of chatter between our emulated CPU and the 6821 (address 1000h-1002h) while its hung up. Its looking for something on the lines because it counts down 1 every time address 004h goes to 0 and then the game engine goes active when it get to 0. I dont get attract mode, I think, because I am bypassing all of that by jumping it out of the loop to do with that 004h address. it also looks like it is trying to set lamps for gamble etc ( lots of calls to store stuff at addresses round 5000h) but they arent lighting up. I wonder if we have an unemulated auxillary board or something.
  4. Anyone fancy making one up for lil ol me? Im trying to progress with investigating superplay but its a bit annoying when I cant get any lamps to show up. Thanks in advance!
  5. So went one better and hunted down the instruction that sets 004a and changed the address it stores to from that to 0000. Ive changed that in the ROM and now the game will run right away so long as I set 000e to a value (its definetly the credits count) . However I still cant get sound to work or any lamps bar the buttons. Im not at all sure how you do it hehe.
  6. video of what Ive done.... https://youtu.be/HUm8vRArhDY
  7. I wish I knew how to operate MFME better lol. When I use the layout super climber, it actually looks like the top matrix lamps are working. I think the issue here is something to do with IRQs. I noticed that when Im running like this things are lighting up but not flashing (hold buttons etc) On Superplays black box there is a 74ls163 on the board which is a counter IC so Im thinking thats got something to do with it. Also I cant seem to get any sort of sound out of the thing or attract mode. It could still be an issue with one of the ROMs but I dont think so because everything gameplay wise sort of works it just cant get there by itself.
  8. EUREKA! Ok, somethings unemulated because the buggers are working. I got it running by watching the code in the debug on fast step. First off, all the buttons are inverted on superplay compared to the standard black box by the look of things. That aside, heres how I got it. Go into debug and on the dissasembler at the bottom set the write address to 000e and the data to 25. Click write a few times with the code running. Then , set the write address to 004h Set the data to 0. Hit write a few times If youve got it right, the start button lights up and youve got 25 credits. The displays etc dont work but the reel engine does, and you get the 25 plays correctly, with it paying out and clicking meters and stuff. Soooooo, now I gotta figure out why I have to put the credits in with the game code itself, and why I have to set that but at 004h to 0 .
  9. forgot to post up the revised superplaytest2.rarROMS
  10. I THINK the ROMs are actually working and something is unemulated. I could be wrong , but the code just makes too much sense atm for the ROMs to be wrong. Its got something to do with that pesky 6850 I just cant figure out what. Superplay I think is the last ever BB machine in the UK so Im wondering if theres something in the AUX boards that MFME aint got.
  11. Notice as well the lights have come on when it breaks out of that loop. Im gonna assume that the code has set the middle 4099 on the driver board to click the relays. Just gotta figure what else I need to mess with to break out this interrupt loop.
  12. so if you force address 004h to 0 while its stuck in that loop , you end up here. I am wondering if somethings not emulated. The BB from superplay has extra components , there is a 74ls03, 75188 and 75199 tied to the UART.
  13. OK, A development. I checked some datasheets and the intel M2716 is a very close match to TMS2516. So I set to that, and slowed the minipro waaaaay down to 1000us pulse speed, I sanded the ROM legs clean, and now things code wise make quite a bit more sense. Now , trying it in firecracker, still not much happens, but now, the game code is looking at address 0800h , which is the 6850 (the UART) , and probably I need to set a switch to a checkbox to clear that loop. I need to get a stepper based BB layout to try this in, because that should take into account the AUX boards.
  14. no actually you were a great help. Could you pop up that BB layout for me in PM so I can use it for further testing of these ROMs? I think what I am going to do now is try firecracker ROMs on the BB tomorrow. IF those show meaningful activity I am gonna try and dump the original ROMs again, this time on my dataIO programmer. If I can find the old laptop.
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