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  1. Hi NQ As you know, I haven't been on here for a couple of months. Just wanted to say glad you got it all sorted and hope everything is still working OK. You have my number if you need anything mate. Cheers
  2. Both bald (without wigs) both wear glasses and both have a dimple on their chins, the pics I looked at of Padgett were from 2010 and he didn't have tattoos but that could have easily changed over the past 8 years. My conclusion is they are one and the same person. I didn't realise he was a cross dresser, not that it makes any difference.... he's still a twat!
  3. He did my sr5i that was in my Rio and it worked perfect on all coins and both £1's
  4. It would be nice to know who this comment is aimed at, surely not CanonMan or me?
  5. You need to take clear close up pics of the board so we can have a proper look. With the board in the machine you can't look at it properly.
  6. You see this is the problem with having more than one thread, people reply and then find something else has been posted in the other thread.
  7. This ^^^^^ is very good advise and if you go for a new board make sure it's from a reputable source. There's way too many w@nkers on eBay who will sell you something as fully working, when in reality it's probably in worse condition than your original one. I know where there's a fully working one for sale battery has been removed so you'd need a new one soldering on to it with fly wires.
  8. Only an apple pie? No McFlurry?
  9. Only cos she's female and it's Sunday, otherwise.....
  10. Like CanonMan said only one thread is needed and a lot of patience. (I'm being polite here because you're female lol) Starting more threads for the same problem tends to piss people off. If people can help they will, but you have to be prepared to wait more than 20 minutes for an answer. As more members see your problem, more will reply if they can help. Most fruity problems take more than 2 minutes to fix or at least more than 2 minutes to go through all the different possibilities of what it might be that's causing said problem. If the hopper is known to be working and you have tried all the options offered so far (including wiping the opto sensor which I don't think I saw as an option) then chances are you might need a new Scorp4 board.
  11. Can't tell if they different or not as they have hand written labels on the. All I can say for sure is they are £35 Scorp 4.
  12. Unless it had some bearded twats face on it!
  13. There's a white clip towards the back, push it backwards a little and lift the mech upwards and to the left.
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