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    Rat Race or clone or any MPU3 BWB
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    step n skip bwb
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    stop n flip bwb
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    aladdins cave pcp
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    treasure trove pcp


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  1. steelfix1

    stop n flip.jpg

    Very nice. This is the one machine pic that I could never find for way over a decade. It’s the big brother £2/5p version on BWB’s Step n Skip. Very rare pic is Stop n Flip.
  2. You should work for missing persons on commission, everyone would be sniffed out and found in 12 months
  3. Very nice indeed, my first jackpot. Yes, they come green which my local one was, also red, yellow and blue as above, the 4 different colours where all in a line in the very older Pleasureland Southport in a long gone arcade that was in the very far corner.
  4. Legend for making this! Thanks.
  5. Nice 1 spa Some pics here too, dunno if they are use to you or if they was in that Google file originally.
  6. Thanks for doing this its a great job I've only ever seen two of these and one of them in Scotland, I quite like it. @Chop, they didn't push the boat out too far I'm afraid, Your are correct it's a DOND Crazy Chair clone with a slight variance on the game and the bank button, the only other difference is two game board blocks have been moved from horizontal sides to the vertical side side to make it square instead of rectangle so they could shove the number reel in there.
  7. No probs Sabre a bit shit thou
  8. Excellent machine thanks for doing it
  9. Crazybars still a mod on potty although he's in Japan he still calls in, you can find him under the name 'Peko.
  10. It was. I'll have a look around in the morn I'm in work at the min. I do know off hand I have a Reel Deal but it's an Empire in a Barcrest Horzon cab, Cash Back project and Dond Box Clever but they are prob different machines. Weird Wolf pictures are rocking horse shit.
  11. Excellent stuff I've never seen it in my life.
  12. No probs maybe a bit early for me.
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