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  1. Many thanks for the resources.
  2. Here is Orlando Magic by BWB. This is set on 20p play and has a £8 Token Jackpot. Thanks go to Orchid for his started layout and for making the reel backgrounds for me. Wizard (R.I.P) for his amazing emulator and for fixing the issue with the bank switch that has allowed this to be preserved. Infection for sourcing the images of the machine. Shortcuts are in the notes. Please use MFME 20.1 Hope you enjoy. Orlando Magic BWB Release.zip
  3. Never heard of this. Look forward to it
  4. Sorry about the lack of updates on this, I am slowly working on it but I'm currently working away from home. will hopefully have it finished soon.
  5. Many thanks for the images
  6. Here is were I'm at, at the moment
  7. This is now being slowly worked on. Current Progress
  8. Some great machines there. thanks for sharing
  9. Look forward to seeing it running.
  10. Many thanks guys for all your replies and help.
  11. Here is a nice little lo tech called Extra Gambler which is set on £3 Jackpot and 2p play. From what I have read it was by AET and was also a Coinworld Rebuild. If somebody could please confirm the manufacturer it would be very much appreciated. From the image I have its a similar kind of machine to the Bear series. Thanks go to: Amot for the rom. Wizard (R.I.P) for his amazing emulator. Shortcuts are in the notes. Please use MFME 20.1 Hope you enjoy. Extra Gambler Release.zip Extra Gambler £6 Release.zip
  12. They look in great condition
  13. Many thanks Orchid, I couldn't find it on the mfme list of layouts so thought it hadn't been done. I was looking at doing it but if you have your version then it's OK. Silver lining DJE I did a classic layout for it, thanks for the info on the rom.
  14. Can anyone identify what tech was the Maygay Silver Lining released on please.
  15. That looks in great condition Steve.
  16. Here is Fun on the Run by Project set on £10 Jackpot and 20p play. This is a fun little game and is similar to heat is on, and its another layout preserved through emulation for all to enjoy. Thanks go to: Tommy C for the reel symbols Leeham for the heat is on layout Wizard (R.I.P) for his amazing emulator and who without none of this would have been possible Shortcuts are in the notes Please use MFME 20.1 Hope you enjoy. Fun on the Run Release.zip
  17. From what I remember it was only the blue version that had the light on the top. If there was a light on the red I don't remember ever coming across it.
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