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  1. https://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/portal/
  2. Yes ive got that machine and looks like definitely Addders and ladders
  3. That looks brilliant , you have done a fantastic job!
  4. Well after being at work all day i switched the machine on and for the time being the error has gone!!...will see how it goes
  5. Thank you , at work now will investigate further this evening 😀
  6. When i switch the machine on or open one of the doors i am getting this alarm TRACE 92 ERROR , in the instruction booklet it says trace buffer frozen anyone know what this means please? i Can still play the machine and everything still seems to be working a far as i can see apart from this error coming up which does clear
  7. Also got these spare with the machine , now the ones already in the machine say V8.0 and these spare ones say V3.0 so are these earlier roms or something ??
  8. Lock arrived this morning and I can now lock one side of the cabinet just need the cam for the other side now
  9. The pub i used to go to in the Mid 1990s when it was the £6.00 token jackpot used to take tokens for drinks/food over the bar , many times i would have about £20-£30 of tokens exchanging for pints of fosters for about £1.30 pint! it used to be a cheap few nights if you catched the machine at the right time!!
  10. These are from The Majestic amusements at Great Yarmouth and they had some machines with token jackpots right up to 2020
  11. Yes ive fitted the new battery and its working fine now 🙂 probably just did it in time before it leaked , with the locks i purchased the wrong size so waiting for the correct size now , still not found the left hand side cam anywhere in the machine so still on the hunt for one of these
  12. Taken the battery off and the was the first signs of green in the battery but nothing leaked onto the board Thank fully , fly wired the cables ready for new battery 🔋 the old battery is only showing 2.10 volts on a multimeter so it looks like it would have not lasted much longer anyway . just tried the old battery on the fly wired cables just to see if my wiring works and I get ram error 53 hopefully this is because it’s low and voltage and I’ve not done something wrong !!! machine is still working but obviously not remembering anything
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