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  1. OK, the picture when zooming in is grainy but it appears the through holes between DP1 and the battery look green. The blue capacitor to the left of the battery looks green around the bottom of it, again possibly around the through holes..Green = battery leakage, battery leakage = damaged board. It only takes the smallest amount with an Mpu such as Epoch. I am also trying to remember without powering a machine up and going inside it but I am not sure all the lights on the psu should be permanently on.
  2. Definitely interesting Frank, look forward to reading this. Thank you.
  3. Again a picture of the battery area on the main mpu will tell a thousand stories. What leds are lit on the mpu when you try to boot the machine and what leds are lit or unlit on the psu?
  4. The issue with leaking batteries is the fact that unless the leakage is neutralised it will continue to destroy copper tracks under the green solder resist (green coating). It takes time but will rot until it causes damage. This applies whether the battery has been replaced for new or just removed. If you feel it is the lamp board at fault then obviously change it for a guaranteed working one but be aware that if the mpu is at fault, it could destroy a new lamp board straight away. Unfortunately guaranteed working Epoch lamp driver boards and mpus are very difficult to find now and if you do find one on the auction sites, they will be a very high price.
  5. All i can say is check the opto sensor on the faulty reel. Swap the loom over (swap reels and see if the fault follows the reel) If neither of these is the issue, it could be the mpu or loom itself.
  6. It isn't normal, no. Warm yes but finger burn, no. If your battery on the main mpu has furred up the I would say with high confidence that the battery leakage has caused damage to the mpu. Said damage on the mpu can and has caused the other daughter boards in the machine to fail or experience problems. Take a hi res photo of the battery area and surrounding components on the mpu and post it up here let's see if there is any signs of the usual damage. Unless you can repair them, a guaranteed working replacement mpu will ver difficult to find now, especially for a reasonable price, not to mention changing the lamp board. Good luck.
  7. What tech/mpu are you referring to?
  8. mavroz


    Then you have been a member of DIF previously and have been banned from using the site. If you can't use DIF, contact @Reg on here and wait for his reply. He will visit eventually and will probably explainel why,when and how you were banned from DIF.
  9. mavroz


  10. mavroz

    some roms

  11. Sorry, you can only try Internet Auction sites for a replacement that is guaranteed to be working. Scorp4 mpu's are getting more difficult to find in good condition.
  12. Battery holds ram data, coins in/out, percentage etc etc. That battery has leaked across several components, that may be the probable cause of the issues you are having. Board either needs repairing if possible or a new undamaged board needs sourcing as a replacement.
  13. I guess if there was a decent public picture of this then, it would have had a DX layout made long ago.
  14. What is wrong with someone making a classic "to get it emulated" ? Pictures don't have to be high quality to create a classic. Are the game and sound roms available?
  15. If the Mpu is flashing 12 green and 2 red then the batteries are not all good. They are flat, that is what the Mpu is telling you. Also when changing Game cards it is possible you would have to use an Mpu5 cleardown card to wipe the ram on the boards before trying to run a new program card from a different manufacturer.
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