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  1. PCP - RunnaRoundTech: System 1Fancy going for a run, then give this 2p game a run for it's money.Keyboard shortcuts in the notes.Thanks to:Wizard (RIP) for MFMEThe rom provider@innfection for the image used@AK45 for testing.Play using MFME V20.1 only RunnaRound.zip
  2. @riche100 Thanks for that.
  3. PCP - Blankity Bank Tech: System 80 Time to get your 2p's at the ready for this bank holiday release from me. Keyboard shortcuts in the notes. Thanks to: Wizard (RIP) for MFME The Mecca for a group buy for the machine @AK45 for testing. Plays in MFME V20.1 only Blankity Bank.zip
  4. BWB - Puffing BillyTech: MPU3Choo Choo the train now approaching platform 1 is the 'Wizard MFME Express', with a fantastic fare of just 10p and a chance of a £3 Jackpot.The exchange token for cash feature, as I understand it is as follows.You exchange your £2 or £3 token win for £1.50 and the reels will spin and show either the grapes for £2 or oranges for 70p, this is showing the win you would get should you get the 50/50 hold.Keyboard shortcuts in the notes.Thanks to:Wizard (RIP) for MFME@Amotfor all the resources (Roms, Reels & Machine images)@AK45 for testingPlays in MFME V20.1 only Puffing Billy.zip
  5. Are there any roms for this game please.
  6. Maygay - GrandslamTech: ProconnReleased in memory of the late Chris Wren (Wizard)Staying with the 80's layouts, we have this game from the later end of the 80's.Known Issues: The game may appear to lock up and reset at times, however this issue does not affect gameplay.Keyboard shortcuts in the notes.Thanks to:Wizard (RIP) for MFME@Amot for the resources (Roms, images etc.)@AK45 for testing. Grandslam.zip
  7. CTL - Stop A FruitTech: System 80Here's another 2p game from the 80's, this game is basically the 2p version of JPM's Bouncer.Keyboard shortcuts in the notes..Thanks to:Wizard for MFMEIan for his help@AK45 for testingUse MFME V20.1 to play. Stop A Fruit.zip
  8. Bell Fruit - 2p Golden ShotTech: BlackboxStaying with the early 80's, we have this rare machine - the 2p version of Golden Shot. This was more common on the higher stakes (so I'm told so could be wrong.).Keyboard shortcuts in the notes.Thanks to:Wizard (RIP) for MFME@Amot for the resources (Roms / images).@AK45 for testing.Plays in MFME V20.1 only. 2p Golden Shot.zip
  9. Ace - Cashpoint Tech: System 1 Lets go to the cashpoint and try to get some beer money out of this game. Keyboard shortcuts in the notes Thanks to Wizard (RIP) for MFME @Player for all the resources Plays in MFME V20.1 only. Cashpoint.zip
  10. Associated Leisure - FiestaTech: BlackboxGolden oldie time with this classic machine, complete with all the clunky sound effects.Please use included font for best appearanceKeyboard shortcuts in the notes.Thanks toWizard (RIP) for MFME@amot for the romsSteve Lancett for the images / reel symbols and order.@AK45 for testingPlays in MFME V20.1 only. Fiesta.zip
  11. @PlayerThey are spot on thank you
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