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  1. Hello. I've had a couple of machines over the years - Nudge Double Up and Crystal Thriller (snakes and ladders derived Impact machine). Sadly both are gone. I'm considering getting another machine, preferably mid 90s or earlier but wondering what the going rate is for something in good nick and basically working. I don't mind troubleshooting to some extent but life tends to get in the way with big overhaul jobs.
  2. I have a ROM image for Nudge Double Up (actually Mk.II). Would be interested in a machine to go with the ROMs if still available....
  3. guys, how do they license these old machines? Just wondering, as I reckon my NDU MkII has about 30% payout!
  4. I wonder if any of this is nostalga though - £1.50 JP might have seemed more exciting when you need it! I personally really liked Cosmic Casino and Snakes & Ladders on 20p/£10... but only because they propped up my finances at uni !!!
  5. Hi guys! New user here! I am considered seeing about geting a short run of System 80 main IO boards made up, brand new and with the infamous missing pulse detector mod. Just wondering if you guys think there will actually be any demand for them, and perhaps what you might be prepared to pay for one. Thanks!
  6. Guys, the Sys80 was still going in 1985... NDU MkII is dated '85, although it was a conversion from Suppa Steppa so perhaps that was just to make use of hardware 'in the field'?
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