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  1. Looking foe 3-4 working impact motherboards and psu, anyone have for sale?
  2. twarr

    raspberry pi

    It's a huge project mate. What some people are doing are simply copying the old boards completely, so you get a brand new board with new components. They will easily run for the next 30-40 years. I would say that's a much easier solution.
  3. Hi! Anyone have these readers for sale? I have programmer for them, just need the units. Looking for 10pcs++ depending on price. Cheers
  4. Hi! Let's hope I strike a deal or get some repaired, so maybe - I'll let you know when I know either or
  5. No no, I never said that. I have 15, but really just need some working ones.
  6. Hi! I have 15 or so M1A/M1B laying around, none of them are working. Some have clear acid damage, while others are clean - just not working. Is there anyone that do repairs anymore? It is nearly impossible to find a working board, so I would like to get mine repaired. If anyone still repair these, please let me know Will pay in cash or make a deal where I keep 2-3 working boards.. Thanks!
  7. twarr

    Cirsa motherboard

    I checked with him already, but it looks like his boards are a different revision Thanks for the tip though mate
  8. Hi! Anyone have Cirsa motherboards? I have a Cirsa "Jokers wild", a Norwegian video poker from the 90s. Would really like to get it running, as it is dead. If anyone have boards, or know about anyone that repairs them, please let me know Here are some pictures:
  9. I have, but it's located in Norway. The shipping will probably make it expensive?
  10. Hi! Anyone have tested working mpu (mod4) and mux board for mpu4 for sale? Please send me a pm br, Twarr
  11. Hi! Anyone got some Taiko, NV10USB or NV9USB for sale? In need of 5-10 pcs++ Please send me a PM if you got any for sale
  12. hi! I have a working maygay M1 board, but no machine for it. Do anyone need one, and wants to trade against M1A/M1B (must also be working)?
  13. Hi! Anyone got working Pluto 5C mpu's that they want to sell? I am in need of several of these, so please send me a PM if you got one or more to sell. Twarr
  14. hi! Has anyone converted old machines from tubes to hopper? I have an old Norwegian machine with tubes that I would like to convert. It also has an opto where the coin passes by, the machine needs the confirmation that the coin has passed by to not go into alarm. In this sense it works exactly like an compact hopper for instance, but the timing is probably off. Has anyone converted a machine with tubes to hopper?
  15. I will actually try to change out the PSU in my impact Indiana Jones with a brand new power supply. It is not a problem to find one with 5v, 12v, and 24v, so the only thing missing is the 50v. Aliexpress has several of them: https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catId=0&initiative_id=SB_20190822052012&SearchText=50v+psu&switch_new_app=y Cutting the wires and soldering on new ones is done in 15 minutes, so if you have machines that you know you will keep, then you may consider this as a solution as well, since the old impact PSU's are some grumpy old farts (some times..).
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