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  1. OK for this I got an old scanner, and I mean old. Parallel. Take off the lid, throw it away. If you need to take the hinges off take it apart and remove them. Then simply get some draught excluder tape. Its about 8mm thick and about 10 wide. ITs cheap as shit, you can get it at any hardware shop. Its sticky backed, so cut it up and make a frame about 1" from the scanners glass on its top, so that A the glass seats on it to stop it moving or being scratched. B it seals in all the light so you dont have patchy bits. Get some masking tape, as wide as poss. Lay the glass on, one area at a time. ALWAYS make sure you create overlap as the edges for about an inch are darker than any other part of the scan (but this could be my whack scanner I used to use) I dont think so though I think its because the FM glass doesnt meet the actual scanners glass. Masking tape it to the scanner, making sure the glass is pressed onto the draught tape firmly. Scan. Remove masking tape, move, tape, scan. Repeat. Crazy fruits was a bloody big top glass, took me about 5 passes with the scanner. A bottom glass however takes 2 or 3. Of all the scans Ive seen, Liam seems to know exactly what hes doing. So if he can add anything to this it would be appreciated. His scans literally take me about an hour for both glasses to get back together totally ready to be DXED.
  2. bloody hell an oldskool kettle plug. Not seen one of those since being at my nans about 15 years back
  3. Ah ok I see.. Muffsy, any chance of getting the other side? just accidentally deleted a 4 day wip of PCB and I dont want to start again. Thanks
  4. I think the others may just drop in randomly.
  5. pook this other machine on the flyer.. how much of a clone is it? would you mind cutting it off and uploading to yousendit or something please? Thanks
  6. I didnt want to knock myself out too, I mean im dirty but Im not kinky....
  7. If it doesnt show up we'll hold him down and bum him to death !
  8. couple of things. Player you pmed the wrong old, Jaime is oldskooler lmao Secondly a few Q's. Whats wrong with the reel lamps? Are there any repeat lamps? and wheres the flyer at lol Oh and thanks. Not quite what Im looking for (shogun) but a great machine
  9. yip theyre free, chargers are $8 shipped
  10. Mine is a dsc-t30 and theyre about $350.. not sure what they are in pounds.. but look on google with the model number
  11. Ive got a 7.2mp cybershot and yeah, theyre brilliant. Do sweet video too
  12. Thanks again to Leeham for the dvd with scans on ! hope you're enjoying these dxes mate This is the last of them SS4quidDX.zip
  13. If you are a member of FF please leave your comment there There are issues with this layout, please see Fruit Forums and the WIP thread by Leeham, the issues will all be explained to you there. MFME 3.2 ONLY please. CashBowlDX1600.zip
  14. Pic of the real thing. Looks pretty good to me although the fruits seem a bit out of proportion in the emu side
  15. I'm working on that I have been offered some spare glasses for spellbound too ! most generous So hopefully we can kill two birds with one stone
  16. no problem I can fix that It was kinda hard to read on the photo
  17. PYB was emulated but there is an issue with fading lamps. So it doesnt work properly.
  18. Not sure if you guys have been reading Fruit Forums lately but between El Condor, Pembo and myself we are working at getting Sidewinder into a graphic layout. It currently looks like this - Still a bit to do, but it's making good progress I decided to totally draw it as the photos I had were covered in dust (Wizard's one the day he got it home). Obviously this is not like doing a dx for mfme etc and will take many weeks, but Pembo and I are making progress... Now. I have spoken to El Condor and he says that he could possibly code this to use WAV samples. This would save trying to get the sound roms and then emulating the sound chip... However, I don't have the sound. Now I know that Wizard has one. I was wondering if either he or Bazfish! (who posted a while back saying he had SW and SB) could record the machine as a WAV that I could chop up? It doesnt ness need to be a wav, even using a mobile phone would do.. So long as all the samples are there and I can chop them out for the emu to read from (and convert into wav). The upshot is there are only three known machines of this type on this platform. Sidewinder, Spellbound and the dutch Star Spinner. So it would probably be easier to code the emu to use the samples (like mame does with space invaders) than trying to emulate the actual sound. Baz and Wizard. If either one of you could record the machine being played I would be eternally grateful, as I am sure would hundreds of other old fuckers just like me
  19. Don't forget to get us some high res photos for the dx !
  20. is that next to losechelsea?
  21. Sure do, and it's been emulated ! Kev Mccrindle did this classic YEARS ago. Enjoy ! LOONYBIN.zip
  22. no probs. Yeah it is a good machine. Not one I played in the wild but an 'extension' of fast trak? Lots of fun to play
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