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  1. and is there a folder with all the old mpu3 and mpu4 games? i lost a hard drive and all my old emulators and ROMs and dx's are gone
  2. This is so most can do it themselves. Thanks.
  3. So u mean you done the 26 to 20 next to the c501. Because i havent done these. Yes it needs tge checksum done as well i done both in road hog
  4. Replying about the lamp matrix ANDREW96. well to be honest this was supposed to have a lamp matrix i think from these ones. So best thing is for me to try something later released im doing ANDY CAP for popeye when i get back weekend. That was after road hog then maybe ohh agh dracular to end with
  5. Im not in the know about that one mate. Im not very good at working out links on card for eproms. Can someone help maybe
  6. It does for me too and fingers crossed popeye has good news for us tonight. If... if .... if he says it works then this means that when people save an mpu4 barxrest machine with no card they can get their machine running. Do you know why i done all this? Because people said it was uncrackable so i said HOLD MY PINT
  7. I think i still have the andy cap one. I mean even if road hog dont andy cap still might so we will see
  8. Forgive me popeye lol. If it works i will do your andy cap when i get home thursday
  9. Popeye we need it tested with proper card n sound roms in your machine. Me and tony have got well into it. Keep us up to date. Do not try in club machine. Please someone has a road hog please test thanks. Emu sometimes play ok when i hack then i have alarms in the machines sometimes
  10. Tony just messaged me hes going to test it in road hog
  11. I am on here guys. My phone is logged in. Someone try the roms im buzzing to find out. If it dont go without chrtr try any character . Once i done it on way in and it worked without chrtr but needed a chip in it
  12. people facebook message me here or join me https://www.facebook.com/jamie.cot.73997
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