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  1. One called either "Open The Box or Box 13" missing from that list, pretty rare, may have been a failed test machine. I've been unable to find any pics or info
  2. Wonderful work Chris, many thanks for the release
  3. JPM open the box (Vogue Cab I think) Project Play Your Cards Right (after Proconn) Chico The Bandit Surprise SurpriZe
  4. @stevedude2, I think we all would have preferred a voice recording of you doing that
  5. £4 in £35 out, that's the machine I remember Thanks a lot for getting me to fire up MFME for the 1st time this year
  6. This used to streak like crazy, loved a bit of Chico, thanks for the update
  7. Loved Surprise SurpriZe and Party Time, also played quite a bit of Hey Presto! (have the flyer for that scanned courtesy of Player) Occasionally SS did the double streak (tokens then cash) on £6 which generally resulted in £36 tokens and £30 ish in cash, the best streak I had came out of an all cash (£3) PT though which went for over £90 and emptied, it was in a bar in Butlins Pwllheli
  8. .dat for dated .fml for fuck my life, I can't believe I'm considering releasing again? In all seriousness, I don't fire up anything FME related much anymore (perhaps once a year) but this would certainly get my juices flowing again. I made some really good friends through FME and that's all thanks to you, coupled with that, it really is an awesome piece of software. Whatever happens, happens, but thanks for your continued work and for considering releasing.
  9. Yup, house still filled with pins
  10. I kinda lost interest in the fruit scene once the addiction was gone, I've been on here a total of 3 times in the last year with two of those being this month. I think in the last 5 years I wouldn't have looked at an FME site more than 20 times in total. I only found out 2 weeks ago by chance that Pook had done an awesome DX of SS
  11. Some pics, but I still have the glasses so can do better if needed
  12. As in the title, mate has asked if I can get him a manual, either pdf or hard copy would be great, if you have one, let me know how much you want Nick
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