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  1. I thought maybe that I’ve got one but there not tall.
  2. The bfm machine hot dog is a tall cab but it’s a clubber,think there were £1/£2 jackpots in this cab as well.
  3. For a few dollars more most things are available.
  4. Looks like an each way shuffle and a sidewinders love child.
  5. Cluckin hell mate that really your surname?
  6. Wow sorry bob didn’t think they’d be so much trouble thank you you genius.
  7. Thinking about it I don’t think you can it’s built in on that era of machines as autohold is a copyrighted feature of the machine, it’s printed on the glass.. edit> just checked my lucky strike machine and that auto holds and there’s nothing I can do to change it...
  8. Just looked at mine and it’s the same as yours,and I can’t see the dip switch settings on my board as it’s away being repaired.sorry chap.
  9. Your bank 1 switches don’t look right 3x ordinary game 2x nudge 2x super series! I’ll look at mine for you.
  10. You can only hope that jack jones didn’t die on his own. sorry..
  11. Yes it’s amazing and I hope he sticks around enjoys the Mecca and there’s many more stories and he dosen’t give us the bird.... sorry couldn’t help myself.
  12. What machine did Jpm produce the most of? nudge double up deluxe I’m going for.
  13. The reels on them pcl maxi machines like superstars,double bonus and link3 used to kind of slide to a stop,maygay quickly moved on to mmm with cash or nudge freespin wild hold etc.
  14. I doubt I’ll be the only one googling Colin blunstone.
  15. My mates used to do this trick but say it only worked on £2 line ups...but there might have been other tricks in the £3 version I don’t know.
  16. In the comments for that video he says it has a £3 glass but pays £2 for bars and bells.
  17. Were there tricks on super line up as well as line up then...anyone?
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