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  1. Hi,Do you Have a Working link For "Take It Or Leave It" USB File For MPU6?


  2. I did this about 5 years ago - here's the post.
  3. this is about as good as I can get
  4. I've had this machine since 2005 - the party time player next to it had a cracked belly glass - so I went to vistaprint and got a self adhesive pvc window decal printed and appled it to a piece of glass. Dave.
  5. I guess JPM's fruit snappa/fruit chaser and frog it /frog hop would be early 80s - both started as £2 jackpots then changed to £3 along with a change of name,can't remember which way round though
  6. this should help - note the notches on the proms
  7. Hi Ronnie the 95008743 is the sound the rest are in pairs - 95422370 and 95422371 would be the oldest revision on there, hope that helps.
  8. here's the full sets for the game Cops 'n' Robbers Club Platinum (Bellfruit) [c] [Rom].7z
  9. Here's the only sc6 manual I could find... familyguysc6.zip
  10. it may be that you have not made enough posts, pm'ed you.
  11. This should help you, it's from a different machine but they tended to use the same pins on most mpu4s
  12. Hi, here's the rom files for the game - hope it helps Freezy Money (Red Gaming) [Rom].zip
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