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  1. it may be that you have not made enough posts, pm'ed you.
  2. This should help you, it's from a different machine but they tended to use the same pins on most mpu4s
  3. Hi, here's the rom files for the game - hope it helps Freezy Money (Red Gaming) [Rom].zip
  4. There was one on silver street in the 70s/80s it had some universal bar x machines,only a small place - one near the new bus station which was a quicksilver and one further on southgate opposite tesco which had been there since the 60's - my grandma took me in and gave me some old pennies to play with.
  5. Hi, I posted 2 lists one was in 2001 and the other from 2008 both were from Barcrest when they were quite good at providing info. barcrest78-87.zip
  6. many thanks for all these roms and the manuals Loo, you're a star
  7. here's an old timer manual, hope it helps OldTimer.pdf
  8. are the coins in the tubes above the sensors?
  9. Description Settings Token Lockout when full On Off (default) Unused On Off (default) Scottish Coin Handling On Off (default) Out of Credit Display Inhibit On (default) Off Token Refill Level Inhibit Off (default) On Coin Alarm Inhibit On Off (default) OCD Audio Enable On Off (default) Target Percentage (if key not fitted) Unset (Program Optimum) (default) 70 72 98 96 94 92 90 88 86 82 84 76 74 80 78 Unused Off (default) On Unused On Off (default) Unused On Off (default) Unused On Off (default) Single Credit Entry Off (default) On
  10. there might be an 8th wonder manual in downloads - pretty much the same machine as jolly joker, should help you with dip settings
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