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  1. Those old £4 ACE machines were pretty good, quite a playable game too this one. Shame about the glasses they look pretty poor. They all seem to suffer from flaking paint around the button panels and coin bezels. I guess they either used a cheap powder coating or the metal wasn't cleaned up and primed properly beforehand.
  2. Grab yourself a bargain then, it's been on eBay for fucking ages and I'm sure he'll be delighted to get rid of it!
  3. Love the Big Money tune.... Nice one Zippy Nice one son Nice one Zippy Let's 'ave another one.
  4. Thanks for this @Clo06it's a great machine!
  5. I'm gonna do a road trip with @Zippy and empty all those old ACE machines now that I'm an expert on playing the lines!
  6. Looks great, and well done in getting this and restoring it to its' former glory! Does the 20p play button actually work on this machine? I've never seen that option before.
  7. @Zippythanks for the link, just downloaded a whole load of ACE classics there so will keep me occupied for a while! On to OTB, how did you play for lines? I remember playing these years ago but line wins seemed to be very rare compared to other wins so how do you get them so often? I heard that you could "play for the lines" but never knew how to do it. Also, did you ever exchange any of the wins for features or just collect everything?
  8. Thanks J, So basically exchange for spot the ball as often as possible? Was there also a band aid cheat on this where you played for them?
  9. @Clo06what were the emptiers for this?
  10. I think you're mistaking this place for Fruit Forums!
  11. Great stuff, thanks a lot for these Clo!
  12. That looks fucking ace!! Love the textured powder coat finish too, real class. I've got a couple of old cash boxes if you want. They'll be a bit rusty but judging by what you've done with this machine it will be a walk in the park for you! Drop me a PM and I'll get them over to you.
  13. FFS it looked better before you got your hands on it Nick!
  14. It it's tripping the circuit breaker then it's a transformer fault, not the MPU4. Unplug it and remove it from the machine, make sure no coins have fallen inside it (seen that before!). These are easy enough to get repaired/replaced.
  15. I've got a couple of ROM cards for this tech, one for Rainbows End and one for Silver Machine. They'll be coming your way soon, hopefully be handy for testing purposes if nothing else!
  16. Fantastic stuff, thanks ever so much for this classic release!
  17. These old MPU3 games are very collectable now, especially the 2p versions. It doesn't look like the button legends are even right on this machine so for my mind it's a very high price for a project.
  18. Nice find, and very playable on 10p/£3 too. Well done!
  19. Fucking hell, I thought I'd logged into Fruit Forums....
  20. The auction ended - did you win it?
  21. Thanks for these two, never seen either of them before!
  22. https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/soldering-stations/4691076 I've got one of these, not cheap but a great piece of kit. Get your wallet out you tight cunt!
  23. I've got one of them Matty. I can't part with the card but I will take a picture of the game card and ROMs for you. You'll need to give me a few weeks though because it's in storage and I won't be going there for a little while.
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