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  1. Ok! I will test this, after checking if we win enough or not! I will try this to adjust the ratio. One more thing surprises me, the motor is turning in a non-intuitive way, in regard on the arms that make contacts. I'm not at home, so i try to make a picture....The arrows near the arm show how the arm is moving. I don't think it should make any problem (breaking of the arm), but I prefer ask if you know if is is normal? Thanks for your help!
  2. Hi ! Received today the replacement motor, thanks @BF74 ! Now,hold timer works as a new one ! And I've hacked the 50p money input, so now, the machine is working fully, doing 50p change ! Next step will be to adapt chances of win (in fact, chance of getting hold choice....) Thanks again for your help !
  3. Jackpot! You were 100% right! The switch seems dead in fact. Or seems mis-wired. If I disconnect the top wire, the change system works ! The small button is correctly clicking. And with ohmmeter, the middle contact change state upon button position. But not the top button. I think it is a badly wired case. Thanks one more time for your help!
  4. Hi again ! About this : I presume you are speaking about this meter, right on the coin switch of the 50p input. (1st photo) And the refill switch is this one (2nd photo) But I don't understand how the door opening is detected??? (I don't see any sensor to detect door opening) (3rd photo & 4th photo) I could check the 50p mech coin dispenser when testing the machine, as I get a 3reels jackpot that triggered this 50p dispenser....So, this one is working! I succeed rerouting 10p & 5p dispenser together (as I don't have a lot of coins for playing....), and I adapted the coin input to accept in addition Swiss francs coins that was quite same size as 10 pence. Thanks for your help!
  5. About this : I don't found anything that look like that on my model? On the 50p tube, there is a switch on the money system (first picture) And the second switch at the bottom of the tube only trigger the "Refill" light. And when I trigger the first switch, nothing occurs.... Do you know which timer unit or relay manage this switch? And I'm perplex too about the 10p tube. There is no switch to detect if it is empty or not. So, when running out of 10p coins, it continues to try to eject money. So, it is very curious. Or maybe the switch was removed, because the tube seems to have been repaired (third photo).... Thanks for your help and memories for such old things!
  6. Your memory is still enough sharp to explain a lot of related things !! About 10p/5p, it is where I don't understand the system.....Maybe some part is missing.... There is no sensor about presence of coins in the 10p tube....But maybe the machine was modified before we bought it as we bought an used version long time ago.... If you have such replacement motor with gearbox it will be perfect! I will send you a PM. Thanks for your help.
  7. To go back to the hold select timer (for which motor seems to be dead ), do you know what is the révolution speed for this motor ? i will try to replace it with another similar motor, with a resistor bridge as it doesn’t seems to exist anymore motors for 50v.
  8. In addition here is a view a the coin dispatch. If 5p tube is full the it goes to cash box.
  9. It is very curious. It doesn’t look like what you describe on my EWT Deluxe. i have 3 tubes. And none is directly directed to the cash box. to what I see, 50p make change of 10x5p. as I see the thing, the 5p tube is only used for change when giving 50p. 50p tube seems ok with the refill switch as you explained. and 10p tube seems to be used only for low gains. and in my version, there is no sensor at all for presence of coins in the 10p tube…. here is some pictures. 2 first is the 10p tube, 2 next the 5p tube, and the last for the 50p tube and my problem is that moving the switch on the coin entry for 50p do nothing. I checked the switch it is ok. if you have any clues to where is managed the 50p change….
  10. I have another question : There is 3 coins input in this model. (10p, 5p, and an input for 10p for change) The switch on the coin input for the change doesn't do anything. Do you have any clue where to look at for this? And subsidiary question : Could it be fine to link together (in parallels) the dispenser of 5p and 10p ? The goal is that when a 10p coin is ejected, I get too a 5p coin.... Reason is easy : I don't have so much 10p coins....But I have a lot of 5p coins....And the change input doesn't work.....So at the moment, I can't do anything with my 5p coins, and I'm limited with the 10p coins. So, I don't think it could hurt the machine if I linked 5p and 10p dispenser together...Like this, I can use 5p coins.
  11. I tried to invert the red/orange wire, but no luck…. When looking in details with a flashlight i noticed too that for the control unit, connectors unconnected have a little oxydation. And connected one have no oxidation. So, it allows me to presume that the whole wiring for the control unit is good…
  12. Just to complete, as I made multiple tests, when getting treble on gamble sequence, it never stop giving money. During this, the win count sequence timer never stop turning. So, I presume there is a misplaced wiring on this bloc (second photo above) So, if anybody here has the same model (Eachway treble Deluxe), a picture of the win timer will be welcome !
  13. No problem, it works at least for most times ! Thanks again for all your help, I started with a fully not working one, and now it is working at 90%!
  14. Thanks a lot for your help. Was no more able to freeze the system. only a single problem staying. When getting trebble, it doesn’t stop dispensing money! i attach photo for the 3 other timers on the control unit. it will be fine if you can check if wiring is correct too ! thanks another time for your help !
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