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  1. Hi Drew I had heard the same, I just don't know which ones unfortunately. Any idea how I can find out which? Cheers Jay
  2. Yeah, did contact that seller to see if he had one with the TR09 on it but no such luck I believe the OC01 works with the oche oche oche cards too
  3. OK thanks. Yeah I've fly wired it already after seeing that
  4. @slugfest Yes it was a 52-36 error. No characteriser and no ID chip. Appreciate it may not be the chip but I'll chance it if you have one still and are willing to part ways with it for some cash. PM me if so
  5. yeah, thats why I was hoping to just get a replacement chip and try my luck. Appreciate it may not work, but figured it was worth a go. Finding one however appears to be difficult lol
  6. Interesting. There was slight battery damage, however I have checked all the traces and they have continuity and cleaned up the existing corrosion. The battery itself has been cleaned up and has 2.45v too
  7. OK I'll have to check it tomorrow as I don't have access til then, cheers🙂
  8. Hi Slugfest The chip I have currently has legs broken off it. I tried to fix it by soldering wires, but it just screams at me the CHR error (I think thats the one you've put above). Unfortunately I think its too far gone as the legs looked like they were a bit twisted in the IC itself so I don't think even with my soldering its going to work again. Happy to take the risk on the chip if you can find it. At the very least, its one less thing for me to worry about on it Thanks Jay
  9. Doh! that listing ended last night I'll have to keep a closer eye on ebay
  10. Hi. Yeah I did see, but the seller wants £40 and it doesn't have a battery. The chip was also a different character code so not sure it would work with the machine Thanks Jay
  11. Hi everyone Purchased a Barcrest Oche Oche Oche fruit machine a few weeks back and the RTC chip has gone on the game card. The one in it was an RTC TR09 whatever that is. From these forums, saw that it was a "triennial 2009" chip? Wondering if anyone has got one of them they can send me for some beer tokens, or a full game card if not. Cheers Jay
  12. Looks like I need to post a message saying hi before I can comment anywhere else. Hello fruit machine enthusiasts! Just bought my first machines and hoping to get some help with a part for one of them. My machines are all Barcret MPU5s (Monty Pythons Flying Circus Club, Ooh Aah Dracula Club and Oche Oche Oche) Cheers! Jay
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