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  1. Welcome to the old folks home, if you're too old to be bothered to type an intro, do what I do and roll your face over the keyboard a few times... hfkjruyop9ki i4-0ti-iq rgoirjegwjgnwl qjq
  2. Add a thread in the requests section.
  3. It's weird, let me chip in with my piece as I spent a while on a video call. 1. Game plays for a few spins 2. Game hangs, I saw one example when "holds" were live, Simon could hold a reel, cancel the hold, but the start button wasn't lit and wouldn't work, after a while the start button lit up again and the machine sprung to life 3. We tried again but held down the start button (to simulate a sticking button), holds popped again, but this time couldn't press a hold button (it wouldn't allow it until the start was released), so I'm sure it's not a sticking button, the machine knew the start was pressed down I know little about scorp 5 boards, but I believe (if the PSU is dodgy) the lights will get dimmer with the more that are lit (more load on the PSU), with all the lights lit on the top panel it plays fine, but it only seems to happen when playing on the bottom 3 reels, when it was playing on the top game board the start button worked fine. Maybe it is the PSU and load from the reel stepper motors is doing something? Also the machine had been on a while, so maybe hot components?
  4. This might help, he goes through all the settings, you can at least check your sound volume is set right (assuming it's a Scorpion 5 board that is).
  5. You've got to start with the buttons then and then the button loom, then the board. You have more than 1 button, so swap two over and rule that out first (never hurts to take them out and give them a bloody good clean with warm soapy water anyway). The problem with one of mine was the pins were loose in the header block, so when plugging them in a couple of the pins would come out the block - hard to spot and frustrating, I looked at your photo though and didn't see that. I wish I could see the video, I guess it could be something going on with the reel too (almost sounds like it's the natural pause while waiting for the reel to stop).
  6. I would say: 1. Chances of it being software are low 1%, fruit machine software is tried and tested, it's really unlikely to be buggy software and if a ROM was loose I would expect it to lock up or not work, not hang for 50 seconds and then work 2. Chances of it being loose wiring/dry solder are low, maybe 25%, could be though 3. Hot hardware or a component about to blow, maybe 50%, could easily be causing the CPU to spin or hang for a while 4. Sticky button, sounds the most plausible If I had to swap a part I would start with the board and go from there. But button should be the easiest to test (as you can swap buttons about). It only does it after pressing a button right?
  7. With the left hold button, I didn't see the video but as @martinb said it seemed to happen when you pressed that button. I'm struggling to think how it could be anything board/software/wiring related, a sticky button makes sense.
  8. This sounds like a plausible reason, I would start here.
  9. Did the video work for you, I just get Sorry! We could not locate the item you are trying to view. When I click the link.
  10. I can't get the .mov to play, but it looks tidy enough, nothing obvious. When you say it was worse, do you mean it hangs more often? I'll be intrigued to see the video, it sounds like the software is hanging (maybe due to hardware), rather than a sticky button or wiring. But swap the wiring on a couple of the buttons over to quickly rule out the button.
  11. I know dick all about these machine, but have worked through a lot of broken hardware, something I say might help... What I would try is: 1. Run a timer and see how long it takes (likely to be random each time) 2. Count how many goes you get before it starts happening (likely to be random each time) Recording the timer the timer will help if it's over heating. 3. Once you have a record of the timer, turn it on and leave it running for 10 minutes, then play it, do you then get 10 minutes of play time or does it start misbehaving quicker? 4. Turn it off and on, do you get another 10 minutes, or does it go back into the fault much quicker 5. Also how long do you have to wait (record this time), is it consistently 50 seconds? It's very weird as loose wiring wouldn't fix itself after X amount of time, a half seated chip also wouldn't. I would assume something is broken or about to break, if it's due to heat point 4 should throw you back into the problem almost straight away. It's worth poking every chip on the board and battery is the first thing to check, then you need to check all the wiring looms. Can you take the board out and take some proper photo's of both sides?
  12. Perspex, I have sheets in the garage that I can cut.
  13. Cool thank you, 10 minutes in Photoshop and I can touch this up.
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