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  1. Nice machine, I love the BAlly mechanical BIngo techniques. I have a Super Jumbo (Bally) 1964. This is also a flasher like King Tap bus has the random generator comparable with an Bally Bingo machine & yes, a whol e bunch of contacts........
  2. This was the situation before i did the report. Ik am not onsite at this moment. Ik think IT is the start B relais.
  3. Great! I Will make pictures and wil post them in the ACE corner I saw, with al the other ACE - Hobea machines. How can I het hold of these schematics? Can you make pictures or scans? @BF74: you are right, the 50 volt fuse blows…….
  4. Thanks for your responce. Yes I am located in the Netherlands. My Lucky Aces has problems with the relay-socket terminals. Some of them are corroded and the wire is disconnected. Ons sockt has 5 lose ends and the original connection is not clear. I repaired all the socket terminals and I mixed up some wires. Now my 50 volt fuse blows..... I am happy to participate / donate but I need to know if I can get hold of the diagrams form my Lucky Aces..... Wat is a "warlord" manual? My machine is old school relays.....
  5. Is there a place where I can find the electrical scematics of the ACE machine "Lucky Aces"? I got hold of this machine but it appears to be dead.....
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