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  1. Thanks Slugfest, will take a look at this
  2. Hi all, could someone please help me with the BIN files for the oche oche oche game and also the ram clear please? TIA!
  3. Thanks Jones, how did you go about flashing it? What do you need to be able to do it? TIA
  4. Its a oche oche oche program card, this is a photo of it without the casing
  5. Hi All, does anyone know how to reset the MPU5 using the online ROMS? ive seen people saying it can be done but im not sure how to carry out the procedure. many thanks!
  6. Hi All, does anyone have a tested MPU5 board available for purchase? also looking for a ram clear card and a oche oche oche game card. please advise prices TIA
  7. Hello, just joined seeking a field service manual for the MPU5 to help out the brother inlaw. having some issues opening attachements, is it mandatory to donate before you can access files uploaded by other members? many thanks!
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