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  1. old post i have 16LFO1UA4 rev A what one will work as i can get hold of a rev c
  2. Donkey Kong maygay cabinet missing main board
  3. Sorry he does have the sound board just missing the main board how much do you think it's worth
  4. Someone I know is selling a donkey Kong maygay but no main board if I got a board how would you go about getting the rom chips etc if someone could help thanks
  5. I do have manners didn't sound very good now looking at it 😞
  6. Anyone got a maygay alpha display they would like to sell me please
  7. just looked at sonic on youtube looks nice like to get that one if i can need to get my mario kart fruit working first
  8. Really want the super mario 64 and donkey Kong would your friend ever part with the mario 64?
  9. Off topic is the super mario 64 fruit machine really rare don't seem to be much information online just a couple youtube videos
  10. If you do find the alpha boards let us know thanks
  11. Thanks I will try look on ebay as I don't use Facebook
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