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  1. No not me selling I only have one and the wife moans about that 2 would be instant divorce .lol
  2. Ok whose like me and keeps an eye on eBay machines that pop up just came on Hagar the horrible 30year old in great condition money is going up on it.
  3. Duffy

    Capacitor popped

    I see you are currently working on a mpu4 board just keeping an eye on your progress but not that I'm an expert tho far from it just in ore Bob.
  4. Duffy

    Capacitor popped

    Ahh many thanks it had gone black but I did for some strange reason run my finger over it so it's took a bit of the blackness away.just another question tho the board won't fire up so surely that's something else.
  5. Duffy

    Capacitor popped

    Anyone know what this section runs so I can figure out what is up pls.
  6. I'm sure my mpu4 board has problems it now doesn't pay out meters make a clicking noise and that's it.Im after a 100%working board now as can't be asked to send mine away again can your mate fix it.
  7. When I thought about it the 2.1 possibly stands for the 21 you get for the cards but why the dot inbetween. I would do the roms for you but I'm not technically minded in that way I'm afraid I'd need talking thru it as never done anything like that before.
  8. When I start it up it comes on so I thought the 2.1 stood for the roms your on about.mine when I get to the skill nudge feature the reels don't spin and the best win I've had so far was £10 For 4grapes I've noticed that if any double or treble bars are in sight I never get to the nudge feature always knocks me out with the gamble up to next feature. But I haven't bothered changing the percentage pay out so probably why.Im still having problems with my mpu4 board tho.
  9. Duffy


    Hi All.Silly question but has anyone a 100% working board for sale pls.
  10. No don't spin.when it starts up and says resetting pontoon 2.1 what's the 2.1 for anyway.
  11. I wouldn't know beyond me but did you want to still know if mine spins or not.
  12. Have I got this on the right setting.The transistors I get readings some start off high from hundreds and gradually drop down but some start off a lot lower from 80s then drop down I don't get nothing from the capacitors hence why Im thinking do I need a different setting to check them.
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