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  1. Hi.Probably a silly question for those in the know as such but I'm in the process of changing the coin mech and it's been configured to drop coins in the right places so I'm assuming I don't need to reconnect the routing plug.
  2. Hi Steve.Ive been looking for someone who has one of these machines aswell so I can ask about comparing stuff.
  3. Hi. Do you still own this machine as need a little help with mine.Thanks
  4. Never played that one as yet. Don't seem to be many about of them.Ive seen that E service your on about but I think I tried them only once with an email or phone call many years ago and probably had the same outcome as you but forgot up till now you mentioned it.Got mine all packed up and ready so always get a bit excited that I could be getting nearer to it going again but still got to figure out why it doesn't pay out so I do hope the board repair might sort that out altho by looking over previous topics on here might have to change the payout tubes as still on old coinage but will wait and see.Well I hope you get yours sorted out.
  5. I should have asked jones what machine do you have and what was the fault it had.
  6. Hi.jones I've had 2jpm impact boards repaired by them with no troubles so this will be my 3rd I did see on the internet another place that does them too in Nottingham but will stick with maggi.
  7. Well I'm going to send the mpu4 off to maggi+maggi for repairs I really want to get this machine up and running I've back tracked over old stuff on here and they seem to be the same problems I'm having I'm going to get the lamp board out to get that checked over too but them screws are well and truly stuck it there so some brute force needed I was hoping that one of the older most knowledgeable members on here would help a mere novice out with offers but guess they are too busy with their own machines so will have to go it alone.If anyone reads my posts will let you know how I get on.
  8. If anyone is interested in a repaired Jpm board which I got spare with a casino crazy club machine I have one it's still in its protective wrapper from maggi+maggi.
  9. Oh.Very rich Geezer.plus 2 games machines a fatspanner and a games warehouse.
  10. I'm a self confessed fruity nut will give you a rundown of the machines I've owned and passed on for a discussion. Around the town.cash strike.club calamari.monty pythons flying circus.tuppeny nudger.Electrocoin big 7.psycho cash beast club.pirates.club dond.crazy chair gold dond.club Roller coaster.ceasers palace club.casino crazy club.anymore I can't think of will add.
  11. Hi all.just got an old barcrest not working properly so trying to sort it out but I'm no fruit machine engineer just a novice.
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