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  1. Thanks All. Happy to live with autohold as an authentic piece of what makes this machine special! ....just one more thing to ask - I am getting an intermittent (but very annoying) clicking sound from the £1 change slot on this Barcrest Royal Exchange Clubber. Have opened up the back and had a look but not been able to sort it. It's actually more of a buzzing sound rather than clicking. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. Ok thanks for all the help - guess I'll just have to learn to love autohold! 🙏🏼
  3. Have tried putting all bank 1 switches to up and still get automatic hold
  4. Ok thanks guys - but bank 2 (7) seems to be gamble limit switch. Any other thoughts?
  5. Hi - does anyone know how to disable the automatic hold function on Barcrest Royal Exchange MPU3 Clubber? As far as I can see it's not one of the functions on the two lots of 8 dip switch banks. Thanks!
  6. Hi All. Looking forward to getting to know you and learning lots. I'm a huge fan of the MPU3 Clubbers!
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