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  1. I have check all chips are good plugged and all wires too. I have also try swapping cards. No change, lcd, printer, money changer and fan are on. Lamps off, game not launching. Red light always flashing 😕 20210902_191052.mp4
  2. There is 2 card plugged on mainboard, see pictures. What I must do ?
  3. Hi netdent, As you can see in the posted video, the 4 green lights will turn on and stay on, while the red one is flashing
  4. Not sure good tested but battery appear as 3.6v on tester...
  5. Or a fuse broken ?? but I dont see where there are...
  6. Hi, I have bought a year ago a slot Super Joker (Scorpion MK IV) which has worked well, see here : https://www.fruitemu.co.uk/ib/uploads/monthly_2021_08/20200926_172422.mp4.f0cfc9c474eec58229b3c61554bad213.mp4 Now, when I turn it on, no lamp on and no screen on but ventilation, printer,... working. Is it the battery to change ? It looks new... and if applicable how remove the battery without breaking everything ? I don't know anything about electronics and need help please. 20210829_203434.mp4
  7. Hello, I live in Belgium and Im owner of a SUPER JOKER slot bought a year ago (Scorpion IV). Here a little video 🙂 20200926_172422.mp4
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