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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224805855559?hash=item3457792147%3Ag%3ARBEAAOSwi3lh7txP&LH_All=1 try this one
  2. Check on eBay saw someone selling program card for your machine with the chip.maybe worth a try
  3. Just watched some of your videos. I love the sound when they payout. Brings back memories from when I was a kid in the amusements
  4. There are bargains to be found. I brought my machine for £40. I’ll sell it to you for £1000😁
  5. Does the mpu4 have a lamp board like the mpu5 system
  6. Wouldn’t know much about mpu4 systems. My machine is a mpu5 and seems a lot easier than the older models.
  7. You will need the game bin file which you can request on here. A compact flash card and a reader/writer for it. Unless you can find a game card on eBay with it already on with the correct pic. I only had to flash mine as I couldn’t find a like for like replacement
  8. This is what happened to mine with the battery leak. Had to get a new card and flash the program on to it
  9. Jones

    Attract mode

    Succes IMG_3349.MOV
  10. I think I’ll just send it away. Only the one to do
  11. Too true mine takes 10mins to get going with a new battery. These machines are left on all day in the arcade
  12. Too true, there must be someone who can do this. I’ve been looking for replacements for mine
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