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  1. There’s loads of info on this site that will help. What machine and problems have you got
  2. Jones

    Pic chips🤪

    Has anyone managed to bypass the pic chip on a barcrest mpu5 program card yet
  3. Thank you so much I will give it a go
  4. Hi does anyone have a copy please
  5. Or maybe a replacement card with Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull
  6. My chip is faulty due to battery leak, how can I get a replacement any ideas please
  7. This all sounds great 😃 but for a newbie like me I haven’t got a clue what your all talking about.
  8. What is the pic chip on a mpu5 and program card please
  9. Hi has anyone used e-service to repair there machines? Are they any good
  10. Did you manage to sort this,I’m getting the same issue with mine
  11. So after taken the game card out I noticed that the battery has leaked all over the board. Is it as simple of getting a new one and swapping over the chip
  12. I’m going to take out the mpu5 today and check the board wish me luck🤞
  13. Do the batteries on the main board really cause so much trouble eg stop the machine from even initialising
  14. The journey begins, plug it in and it doesn’t even initialise. There’s power there but my mpu5 has green lights and also the dreaded red halt light. I heard it could be a simple as the coincell battery on the board so I guess I’ll start there
  15. Definitely I’m looking to learn and also help others if I can
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