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  1. Just watched some of your videos. I love the sound when they payout. Brings back memories from when I was a kid in the amusements
  2. There are bargains to be found. I brought my machine for £40. I’ll sell it to you for £1000😁
  3. Does the mpu4 have a lamp board like the mpu5 system
  4. Wouldn’t know much about mpu4 systems. My machine is a mpu5 and seems a lot easier than the older models.
  5. You will need the game bin file which you can request on here. A compact flash card and a reader/writer for it. Unless you can find a game card on eBay with it already on with the correct pic. I only had to flash mine as I couldn’t find a like for like replacement
  6. This is what happened to mine with the battery leak. Had to get a new card and flash the program on to it
  7. Jones

    Attract mode

    Succes IMG_3349.MOV
  8. I think I’ll just send it away. Only the one to do
  9. Too true mine takes 10mins to get going with a new battery. These machines are left on all day in the arcade
  10. Too true, there must be someone who can do this. I’ve been looking for replacements for mine
  11. Hello, does anyone know how to reprogram a cashflow to accept the new £1. I’ve heard it’s easy if you know how. A step by step guide would be great
  12. Those mpu 4 units don’t look friendly,I think I’ll stick with the mpu5
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