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  1. I will be very interested on how you get along with the machines! Any hints and tips you find out about them, and what type of board runs them... and schematic layouts, manuals....
  2. Hi do you have youtube or a place where i can see your machines? A photo site etc...?
  3. hey there dave, do you have some photos of your machine?
  4. oh wait, basically do you mean someone poked a wire in to click the credits? Sorry if im wrong but im thinking about what you mean.. im a newbie and i am just starting out in the hobby.
  5. Emulators, please can you tell me what this means? Soz, and by the way Welcome 😁
  6. Hello, I have been watching "Steves Fruities" on Youtube and i am intrigued about the classic fruit machine hobby and want to get more involved. I dont own my own fruit machine at the moment and im hoping to get one soon. Im not personally interested in those old mechanical ones, with the arm (No electric), just the high ones with features and flashing lights lol, that plug in. However, at the moment i am interested in playing about with the classic fruit machine parts, (Inside bits) and reading manuals and schematics about classic fruit machines, i have a vested personal intrest now in learning and repairing fruit machine parts, and learning the names of boards that are inside these classic machines.. and how they function..Names like, black box and system 1, 2 etc.. and scorpion... i want to learn what is what ! Ive got to start somewhere. I used to play these types of machines in the 90s (When i was old enough to do so)... and now i want to tinkle with them. Im interested in likeminded people who can help me out with links and knowlege to put me in the right direction to work in this hobby, but i only live in a 1 bedroom flat so currently im not after buying and storing machines, just parts and manuals to tinkle with for knowledge purposes.
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