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  1. So, I decided to embark on the adventure but before I would have wanted to know several information what is needed as a soldering iron to unsolder the electronic chip in the second question is it difficult to unsolder it is more is- it easy to find them does anyone have a plan of the electronic board because i really want to save this arcade kiosk now, i know it is possible to put a Pandora box but i prefer to keep it original and I looked for a Scorpion 4 card but it is very difficult to find one. I have found on several sites for 34 dollars. Put it is a scam because the site is declared as possible on the internet, it is really annoying not being able to repair this card despite all the efforts that we put into it. I know that the forum community can really help me I saw several videos him several tutorials look at several images, but I think that with a plan of the electronic map, it would be really easier because I could check all the tracks without disassembling maybe a charitable soul passing by may have a card in reserve because I really do not know if it is the sea card or the VGA card or the games card and we chat when you say it There are millions of things that cause a terminal to remain, for example, a failed capacitor component short-circuited. I also wanted to know how the tape starts because when I turn it on, there is no light or sound just the screen rebooting that might give me the clues about the failure to find. Thanks again to the community.
  2. Be indulgent with me, I am a mechanic and not an electronic technician I have a question there are 2 slot 1 games extension and the other the games What is the card with vga output? The games or the expansion because I'm not sure where they are going If anyone has a scorpion 4 even broken down I am a taker if there is the game too lol Because I am not sure that this under the card which is broken finally I do not know any more I did my best to revive this terminal Bisous de France
  3. Suite VID_20210525_215514.mp4
  4. Go little suite Well I looked at the tracks cut I redid the tracks about 4 hours of work there were a lot of them I had to work with a magnifying glass to enlarge I reconnected the card and the reboot terminal problem So I looked and by removing the brown thread see photos with a red line The terminal resets adder testing I followed the trail well I'm sure the thread goes there I watch about 100 times to be sure A I removed the battery as it is not mandatory I'm disappointed that its not working if you have any tips i'm pernicious For information the 4 LEDs are green The worst thing in history is that it is very difficult to find a scorpion 4
  5. to change the battery is there any special handling to do where are there precautions to take before changing it Thank you for your responses and your help.
  6. Small question if the battery is at 0 volts can the terminal start? I just ordered it in case as soon as I receive it I dismantled and I redo the tracks
  7. Photo The battery is hold Look the composent is corrosif This battery what the fonction for mother board? Thanks I look today
  8. Photo The battery is hold Look the composent is corrosif This battery Thank you for this answer Do you have internet addresses for a scorpion 4 because in France I can not find I ask myself the map with the vga is a graphic card? And the card next door without the vga is the card of the games? Thanks again for your help VID_20210523_181648.mp4
  9. Photo The battery is hold Look the composent is corrosif This battery what the fonction for mother board?
  10. Hello, I have a problem on my Bell fruit crazy slots At startup it remains blocked on Testing adder rom Do you have any idea? Thank you
  11. Hello my name is Kevin I am 37 years old and I am from France I have a crazy fruit slot bell See you soon
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