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  1. Yea apparently you need to make 100 post's or get another member to vouch for you, then one of the admin's or someone gives you permission. Don't know anyone really to ask them to vouch for me, would feel a bit weird asking ...lol 🤖 All top secret stuff, can understand why it's not used much.
  2. Thanks 👍 But the link doesn't work, must be a site issue. I get this message when I click on the link - We could not locate the item you are trying to view - Well if it's not used much, I suppose it doesn't matter. A lot of post's are just spread out in various sections, can't keep track. Be better if it was just under one section, which it seems it is, but just not accessible to everyone.
  3. Where is the buy, sell, and swap part of the forum ?
  4. Rimmer

    JPM Glass size

    Hey Guys 🐟, Would anyone know the exact measurements width, height and thickness of a jpm vogue cabinet top glass please ? any top glass would do, I assume there all the same size. Thanks 👍
  5. Hey 🤘, Just started collecting, picked up a few old machines, mainly as projects to fix up. Good way to start building up knowledge get hands on with the nuts and bolts, diodes and transistors 💣 I'm hoping to share what I learn with everyone on the Mecca, as well as learn. Prefer the older machines 80s/90s. Hope to pick some up in the coming years. Good to be here, Thanks all 🖖
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