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  1. Ok thank you. I have the machine but cannot get it working. Someone has mentioned the software could be knackered but I have no way of telling. I thought it was uploaded to here somewhere from my machine . Just trying to eliminate reasons why I cant get it to boot
  2. Can anybody tell me if the file uploaded to here is any good? I see its been downloaded a few times is it the gameplay software Thanks
  3. Yeah all great places, just before the fire at the Warren arcade you could of bought any of his machines for around £120 each. The coppermine in Queen Street pretty much had the same early 90s machines until it closed. I think they all went to auction
  4. Did anyone buy any machines from here? I think it closed around 2004.
  5. Looking for either of these. Pm me if you have either. Will pay or trade well
  6. Machines are lady luck, super spoof lucky strike. I'm looking for labyrinth or pyramid & indy. I would even swap 2 for 1 or 1 and cash. Pm me if anyone is interested ☺
  7. I'm really after a couple machines. But I have a couple mpu3 & system 80 machines that could be used as trades
  8. Does the forum have a wanted or for sale section?
  9. Does anybody have a working mpu3 alpha display forsale? Thanks
  10. Fair bit in courier costs. But worth it in the end
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