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  1. Hi Generation, non of the above was aimed at anyone as such, I thought I'd go into more detail to explain why the project interests me, as I've mentioned in regards to crazy fruits, there are some game play features that are completely missing in the rebuild version, such as nudge banking and the ability to hi low to the jp. Am unsure if they were removed because of the age the machine was targeting, or what the reason was, nudge holding is on the glass of the machine tho. I guessing it depends on how you imagine the machines were created, did they have the original code and literally just do as am suggesting and change the values? Or was the code partially reworked, or even completely new code developed? Am guessing by what your saying you favour a quick change of values, although crazy fruits would suggest with the removal of features at least a partial rework. If it was the case of just a simple value change, the hex code would be near identical, it would be easy to identify the value changes and that would be that, identical game. Orchid thanks for the imput and the offer of roms, I really appreciate it, so my understanding is that the chek error is the thing of the past (for andy capp at least), basicly the roms had the test removed, one of the people that worked in the project was nice enoght to respond to a pm I sent, and was able to provide me with both the original video that he found that helped solve the problem, and basically gave me the info on which value to change to disable the check, so I'll be able to edit the hex without the hassle of the check error. I completely understand the veiw that, say on the 5p compared to the 20p you'll have 20 spins to work thru compared to the 5 I guess that's part of the intrest I have, to know one way or the other. My view is that the game is a edited version of the original, bits chopped out hear and their, maybe as younger people were the target ordinance, it was decided a simpler game would suffice, Who knows? Any additional thoughts on any of the above would be very welcome.
  2. The barcrst and bwb roms have been hacked, you can now play the barcrest roms on a bwb machine, or change the bwb to 10p a play no problem originally this would have been impossible due to the check chip. The original barcrest game has more too it, its a much better game, as the case with most rebuild machines they were made for the kids market hence the lower jp, the 5p game is famous for being flat. So putting the original barcrst game into the bwb rebuild results in the better original barcrst game, however as I've mentioned above the glass and board decals will be out, am interested in making a hex edit to correct that. Big picture hear, this is nothing new, people change the roms to original games all the time, green crazy fruit running the red roms, crysal games flipped over to jpm. I know to some delcals being out isn't any big deal however this is just somthing am curious about, is it possible to do? As Generation mentioned above will the change the nature of the game? Is it the 20p a play that defines the game making the original a better game? It's a harmless project, where by its my time to waste. Worst case people that either can't afford or can't get the three times the price barcrest, will have the option to play the barcrest version and have all the delcals and board match. Any help is greatly received.
  3. Hi am currently looking into changing the payout values in roms for andy capp, although thanks to some brilliant work,am now able to run the original barcrest roms on a bwb machine, I'll still have the niggle of the delcals being out, am guessing that am not the first to want to do this? Am wondering if anyone can give me any advice? Am assuming comparing diffrent versions of the game and identifying differences, in the hex would be my best bet? I know this is a massive trial and error mission. Also if anyone could point me in the direction of a site or sites were the roms are available would also be a massive help. Thanks in advance for any help or info.
  4. It might be worth contacting Maggie maggie in Bolton they do psu repairs priced at around £30.
  5. I think the last one I saw come up for sale was priced and sold at around £1500. Original barcrest, assuming your happy to pay that figure just put a ask up on facebook fruit machine groups, unfortunately the time of paying "fair" prices on classic games is over. As mentioned above there is a rebuild in extremely nice condition on facbook priced at £850, it might be more economical to buy that and change the roms (that's just a assumption) that they are interchangeable
  6. There is a set of 3 machines going in facebook all with various faults the same version of royal family is in the group of three, not sure if the seller would do a deal on the one machine tho. It's on market place. I saw it buy searching for fruit machines although it might take some time to go thru.
  7. He's started a new account uploading his old content now.
  8. Am about to send two mechs away for a update to new pound coins, I screen shotted your question to Tim he sent me the above images. Hope they help if not I can still grab a photo on the one in my rc
  9. Hopefully it's what your after if not I'll still take a couple of photos of the update one on my r.c
  10. Ahh I think I've commented on another thread of yours I switched my roller coaster last year, I can grab you a couple of photos if that would help you out.
  11. Did you get any help? I switched my roller coaster over. I can take photos in a couple of days if your still in need?
  12. I was assuming somone would comment, telling me were to look on the site, its a massive fruit machine forum, that people donate money too, it would be very easy to make just a Facebook group, but I assumed there would be a section on hear.
  13. Jones what machine are you lookimg for decals for?
  14. When we live in a age where decals are so easily reproduced, why is their no dedicated sub for the uploading and downloading of them, I know with some machines reproduction isnt a option but for most 2 to 3 mins of scanning or photos could make a massive difference to a restored machine?
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