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  1. The on/off alarm relates to what it says, the machine being turn off and on in quick section it should just time out, the hopper I'd start with looking for a new moter, load of epoc stuff being broken on ebay and Facebook. I had a similar issue on a jpm casino crazy it was a £10 fix.
  2. Am looking so 5 liner delcal original would be amazing I'd be happy to paid £30 however some high resolution photos would be great to so I could get some made. Thanks for any help in advance.
  3. I've asked in projects but maybe I'd be better in hear, sorry for the repeat. Somone that helps me out loads has broken the glass on cashbusters pcp I was wondering if anyones got one there willing to sell, I'd be giving it as a gift. Thanks in advance.
  4. I've got somone thats local to me, they help me out loads on the eletronic side of stuff, they broke the glass on there cash buster and there gutted about it. Anyone got one lying around they'd be up for parting with? I'd be buying it as a gift. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi Orchid, thanks for taking the time to explain where the donation go, although I understand there are cost involved in running any website, I wasn't sure how the this particular community works, am a paid member on fruit-mu and that's a similar kind of deal. I have access to download able stuff for my membership fee. Some sites have a multi sub system where x amount give you access to x and so on. Am more than happy to donate to any community am part of. Again thanks for taking the time to answer my question.
  6. Adman1981


    Can anyone give me any info about the donations? We're do they go? What are they used for? Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome Riche100
  8. Ive bought a total turkey, am sure some of you will have seen it on ebay, round the town, non runner terrible bottom glass, i know the chance of finding a replacement, is 0 so am thinking vinyl sticker could be the way to go, what would be really helpful is some good photos. And any other views on glass recreation would really be apricated too.
  9. I've got a impulse problem, i recently bought a jpm machine, the usual non working stud for a while, i snapped it up, ive never played either a dond type game or £100 jp its both, with all the older 90s impact stuff that's still avalible i assumed a new motherboard wouldn't be a problem, ive tried ebay, maggie maggie Bolton, general facebook apeals. No Joy what so ever. If anyone's got one for sale or swops please get in touch thanks in advance
  10. Although I've been a member for a while, I've hit a wall looking for certain bits and am hoping you guys maybe able to help, thanks in advance. Ill stick to introductions hear tho and keep request in well requests. My playing days were the mid nineties, In 2000 ish i bought a jpm roller coaster it was one of my all time favourites, i lost interest and it stud for 20ish years. In lock down i saw a hi-low karate going for £90 i snapped it up knowing nothing, it had a few things wrong with it so off to Facebook groups for help. mech updated a few new buttons and its back to working condition. Next came crazy fruits green cab, id of preferred red but bought what was aviable at the time, unfortunaesy its abit of a boring game on £5 jp so back on facebook and roms changed decals updated and happy days. Incase your wondering processer card removed from rc and batrey fly wired works perfectly. Now i own a few machines for my own use but enjoy fixing them too. Again thanks for any help in advance.
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