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  1. There should be a classic layout for it somewhere, and coincidently one by Mr. Haddock:) .
  2. frig

    Bellfruit Plum Crazy Back

    This is like porn for geeks!
  3. There are few versions of Crazy Fruits knocking about, but you will need to be a member of desertislandfruits.com in order to download the latest emulator.
  4. I would not really know. I don't have access to anything like that these days. It could be, that there are 2 wires going to contacts inside the bucket, which get shorted by coins?
  5. These are similar to what I use (very reliable). The High - Low just refers to the voltage drop or increase. You can actually buy 12v relays with jumpers to switch between high and low, which should make things easier for you to experiment with.
  6. Hi all. I am pleased to be able to bring you my latest MFME redraw - Lite a Nudge (MK1) from JPM, running SRU Tech:) This is another one for us oldies! For shortcuts please use the README.txt Special thanks go to the following people: Wizard (RIP) MFME creator. @Midibob for providing the extremely rare ROMS. @Richy100 for the Lite a Nudge flyer included with this release. @Line Up Chris for his helful Youtube videos and the Bell pics he sent me. Here is the layout: Lite a Nudge Deluxe v1.1.zip
  7. I put a couple of token pics up a few years ago in this post.
  8. @BF74 Thanks for the pic. I don't suppose you know if the 9 ways symbol is a JPM, CTL or an AL? I am beginning to think there were 2 or 3 versions of this. I seem to remember JPM'S on the one we had in my local arcade, but am not 100% sure. The 2p Silver Shuffle in one of the pics from the George Wilson collection, seems to have JPMs on it from what I can tell. However, the only pic of a glass I can find, has a CTL logo on it, and presumably had CTL symbols instead of JPMS.
  9. In MFME SRU has 400 Half Steps.
  10. Christmas greetings guys! I am pleased to be able to bring you my latest MFME redraw - Nudge Double Up (MK1) from JPM, running SRU Tech:) I know a lot of you guys on here are old enough to remember this one! In fact the only reason this is release was possible, is because their are some amazing members on this site, who help others with resources and information:)) For shortcuts please use the README.txt Special thanks go to the following people: Wizard (RIP) MFME creator. @Launton for his collection of reel symbol scans, and providing the elusive and extremely rare ROMS. @Richy100 & @Paulgee for getting me glass measurements off Pauls Eachway Nudger (sorry it cracked more 🙂 ), and finding out the age of this machine. @Line Up Chris for his Youtube video of the MK2 version of this. This helped me decypher some unreadable text on the MK1.. Have a Hoppery Christmas and a reely good new year:) Download:Nudge Double Up.zip
  11. frig


    This is the sort of game I would love to have a time machine for. Imagine going back X amount of years, and spending an afternoon playing it to death, until you got bored. This looks like the same era as Bear Climb.
  12. This brings back memories. I remember buying one of these off Ebay, from a house in Great Yarmouth around 2002. The seller neglated to mention the cracked glass before I picked it up! The bugger ran in to his house and would not come back out, after I pointed it out, and mentioned that it had just cost me 75 quid in transport costs and was not very happy! Oh the joy. I ended up selling it a few years later, as I could never get it working properly.
  13. Holy cow! I bought an 878D rework station for about 30 squid in 2018 and it is still going strong.
  14. That 2p Lite a Lite was a great game back in the 80's, and seemed to be everywhere. Last time I played that, was on a fairground in Manchester. I love the purpley colour BG on that NDU Deluxe:) We had 2 of them in an arcade I worked at, but ours were blue. I don't recall ever seeing that colour before.
  15. Nowhere near unfortunately. All you have to be able to do, is connect wires together. Work slowly and follow instructions.
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