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  1. That 2p Lite a Lite was a great game back in the 80's, and seemed to be everywhere. Last time I played that, was on a fairground in Manchester. I love the purpley colour BG on that NDU Deluxe:) We had 2 of them in an arcade I worked at, but ours were blue. I don't recall ever seeing that colour before.
  2. Nowhere near unfortunately. All you have to be able to do, is connect wires together. Work slowly and follow instructions.
  3. If it is a pulse note acceptor then yes (ICT type, or may be switchable from cc talk to pulse). Just connect the pulse to the board and share the same ground. The hopper power connects to the on board relay, and the opto connects to the signal imput.
  4. Yes it does. 2 Hoppers on my payout unit.
  5. You could always use a JY-142 board. You should be able to find one for around 20 odd quid. It basicly counts the pulses from the notey, and converts x amount of pulses to x amount of coins. I built this a few weeks ago. I posted a bit of info on DIF at the time. I also added an arduino Leonardo board to this, so that I can convert notes to keyboard presses in MFME.
  6. I see you have had no replies for a while. Did you get this sorted? I have just built a change machine, with note acceptor, (very very cheap experiment) and might be able to help in some way?
  7. It Sounds like you need to start collecting bits and bobs to make an MFME cab:) Not that expensive considering!
  8. Hi. Pop over to desertislandfruits.com and check out the cabinet building section. I currently run over 1700 layouts on my MFME build, with flashing buttons and 2 hoppers, but I am using MFME v20.1 (Final build). V5 has very limited PacDrive settings.
  9. frig

    cpld 01 pic ????

    Start a "Go fund me page" You never know! 🤣
  10. You need a PacDrive (ID#1 In special state) to run the leds inside the buttons (@5v), and also to run the hopper motors (Via 5v relays).
  11. That's the one! Not sure if I ever played it the right way up or not though?
  12. Thanks for the work on this guys:) I remember playing Bounty Hunter in our local club, but never came across Omega until now:)
  13. Cool database:) If it was hosted like a Wiki, and moderated, it could grow in to a very interesting resource.
  14. Thanks for posting that Rich I have been after some idea of how the bottom glass looks on a silver shuffle for months now.
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