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  1. Whats all this shite got to do with my cpld 01 pic error 😂
  2. Hi guys ive found there is alot of misconception out there that the mpu5 main board has a rechargeable battery. i believe they have a none rechargeable coin cell battery does anyone have a link to the correct one that is none rechargeable with feet and the correct voltage Many thanks
  3. Great thanks mate just wanted a back up before i wiped the card 👍
  4. Hi guys does anyone have the bin files for barcrest rain bow rich on mpu5 mk3 card Many thanks 😀👍
  5. Found the speaker issue 😁
  6. Im always willing to have a go but i dont even know what them parts are under the pic chip or around it
  7. lol well you cant fix something and not know how its been fixed... you dont have to understand how every component works for someone to tell you its a certain component that is causing the issue even if its been fixed by trial and error i just dont understand all the mystery i had this with the guy from fruit machine sales when he tried to repair my card , he copped the nark and felt i was asking to many questions and felt if you took your car to a garage you wouldn't stand over the mechanic and ask what he was doing and why he was doing it is there really so many fruity business on this forum that is going to take the info and make millions with it i think not.... its just being over complicated , alot of time has maybe been put in to find the fix but by doing something or replacing a certain part has got it to work so i just cant see why that cant be said for example remove the pic chip socket and the rs heinz 57 hash 60 chips and the osc chip clean all area replace these chips and this will fix i understand andrew has now said remove all in this area clean and replace but what is the boundary of the area and what are these components ? if you cant learn from people telling you on here then where can you learn....
  8. unless im stupid all i can see is andrew has removed the pic chip socket some of the components under it and the black component to the left of the socket after doing this andrew more or less then says it still does not work. '' ''The only thing that I think makes sense as I have changed everything is the battery venting over the years and into the pcb has changed the characteristics of the pcb '' which to me rights off the card... then andrew says ''I have done a bit more to the board that did not work, spent more money in bits.... and so far it looks to run on battery power and it is identified when on '' so unless im missing something i dont see it clear... what was the further bits that were replaced where they in the same area or completely different lol
  9. i dont think its a personal attack andrew but its just difficult to be given half the story and when your so frustrated cause your machine wont work and someone has the answers but wont tell you as they think someone is going to get profitable gain from it you just lose all hope... lol like is say it not like there is plenty of other options here as no one offers a full guaranteed fix service
  10. Lol so any more then my red ring ? Im happy to pay someone to do it but there is no one offer this service.... haha i have a weller solder iron so not a chepo not saying i can use it lol
  11. Thanks andrew when you say all in the area where is the cut off point ?
  12. with all the trouble i have had with this card since november andrew if you have the solution to my problem i cant see why you would not want to share it with me... if not on the thread on pm , i joined this forum to find freinds and meet experts your knowledge is second to none and i dont believe there is many if any on here with your skills... so the chance of finding someone else to find the problem is very slim.... and its not like going the garage when there is lots to choose from. i just dont get if your on a forum like this why you wouldn't share your knowledge. fair enough if you was a fruit machine repair business but like you have said your not. hopefully i can make it to your close freind circle one day...
  13. I take it your going to take it to the grave andrew lol 🤔
  14. Hi guys yes it does have 2 sound roms aswell as 2 game roms i will try and reseat like you have said the speaker is plugged in on the 2 out connectors. There is no buzz hum or nothing from the speaker so maybe the speaker is dead Many thanks
  15. Left the machine on with the card in overnight when turned it off and back on today got a attemp at start up however the card had the software and pic chip it came with in rainbow rich so i turned off and put the cf card in turned back on and got boot strap and the cpld 01 rich , so pic was now reading and would of allowed me to flash , turned machine back off took card out swapped pic for booze cruise pic put card back in switched on and back to cpl01 pic ???? even though i know booz cruise pic is fine 😁 put rain bow pic back in and same '????'
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