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  1. Looks like new amazing job don't know why anyone would dislike I've had a few negative comments on machine posts but I wouldn't worry some people are never happy that machine would look great in any collection I've got a mk1 ews and your right they are silly money now it's just good to see nicely restored classics 😊
  2. Yep defo same cab and yes I will have a good look around in side and see what info I can find
  3. I will have a look for it see what's lurking under the dirt 😊
  4. No cams and relays clicking away once I've re wired it properly will go through it but had a quick play and it seems to pay out the wins correctly needs the 10p mech sorting and lights rewiring but will see once I've got a bit of time
  5. Yep I'm moving it to my workshop will get it started and will put a video etc up I've never seen one and been years since I've worked on an electro mechanical will be interesting see how many electric shocks I get 😩
  6. It's in my garage I've got it working but it needs some tlc I will put pics and video up once I get time to start it
  7. I'm a donator and I've never seen it ?
  8. Looks great been years since I saw one of those nice to see it back to life 😊
  9. Hi Pete well I've looked at the kits and unfortunately they don't match yours and the pic chips I have are all scorpion 5 standard and des but I think ive got an older deal or no deal with a £70 kit still inside it should have the pic chip still when I get a chance a will have a look it might work best I can do sorry
  10. If it's the correct model you can have the whole kit it will only go in the bin no problem
  11. hi I think the security chip is unique to each program but not 100% but I may have a complete unused £100 kit for that machine including roms and security chip but I won't be able to look till next Monday if it's your game if you don't sort it out in the mean time I will let you know once I've been to my storage place
  12. Hi Phil yes I remember them all had all those in the arcade all very rare and great to see them in such fine condition would love to have all three but lack of space and no work for 15 months 😩
  13. Hello and unfortunately Your going to need a new mpu 4 or get yours repaired if it's not to badly damaged the battery has probably leaked and damaged it I've got one with exactly the same fault
  14. That would make a great addition to any collection but as it's rare prob a little out of reach going on current values but nice to know someone still has one out there 😀
  15. Lovely machine but I'm afraid you'll have more chance of finding rocking horse poo 😩
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