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  1. Sorry for the late response Ronnie yes I still make the processor cards for Impact 1. I have sent you a PM with the information.
  2. I have looking into Impact 1 MPU'S in the past..... problem is there not cost effective. An impact 1 board is selling for £70-£100 at the moment. To build one would be alot more expensive. And the custom FPGA would need removing from a damaged MPU.
  3. Thank you for your kind words.... I am glad Casino Crazy is back up and running . If anyone elce is needing any JPM processor cards feel free to message me
  4. I havent done nothing to it yet mate....Are you referring to C5 and C7 ?
  5. Hello I have a broken 16lf01ua1 samsung Alpha well.... 3. Is there any drawing's for them if so could somone point me in the right direction? I am suspecting the little transformer has failed but i dont know the spec to replace it with.
  6. I have had a go at modifying your Decels on paint what do you think? They took me ages lol...... Thanks for providing me with the template to start with. I have a Thurnderbirds really good machine
  7. Thanks for the advice I will set mine up the same as yours sounds good. What % do you have yours set to?
  8. Thank you that is great ..... Bigger Jackpot should make the game play alot better
  9. That would be great if you still have it
  10. Did you create the money trail as well on the main board? Could I be cheeky and ask if you could make me some I will pay you?
  11. Hello I am looking for epoch Mario Kart Decals ideally £15 jackpot, can anyone help?
  12. So they need to be 1 watt - 2.2 ohm fuseable resistors?
  13. Any idea on where to get the fuseable 2.2 ohm resistors from Andrew? I also have some that are blown
  14. I Phoned them they said £1 each £100 minimum order.
  15. Looks like the only option is salvage from another board. Cheers for your help Andrew
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