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  1. That would be fantastic, then I could update my DX and see how wrong I got it originally lol
  2. Hope you make a speedy recovery Andrew I was really hoping someone somewhere would have a better artwork for this machine, either a flyer or photos.
  3. All I have to go on is running through those numbers in test mode on the MFME layout which to me don't make sense as they'd be pretty obvious to detect.. Anyway this is what MFME is telling me...... 16 Shiny right lamp 298 I used as the 'H' lamp 317 Appears to be Hold Button 3 304 Bazookoid on the feature trail - far right Surely they can't be right?? I'm a bit puzzled!!
  4. I must say the work you've done so far is staggering! I really hope you get the issues sorted. As for the lamps, well that's me being lazy I'm afraid. Its not always necessary when bulding a layout for MFME to use 'every' available lamp so I can well imagine there will be a few missing on the layout. Hopefully you've found them all now but if you need any help I'll have a whizz through test mode to see if I can spot any others. Cheers
  5. Hopefully this one is correct. I've uploaded both a BMP and PSD Red Dwarf Original Artwork.psd Red Dwarf Original Artwork.bmp
  6. Yes PSD is photoshop. I'll corect the image (when I get chance) and post it here :)
  7. You are correct! I must have fixed them in at a later stage of develpment so apologies for that - I just didn't think. If you give me some time I'll update the image as I still have the original .PSD. It might be a couple of weeks though as I have limited time at the moment
  8. Here's a Bitmap image of the main glass before it was darkened down for lamping. I think the only thing that looks different from the finished article is the disk reel. red dwarf original artwork.bmp
  9. Yes I gave my permissionn to use the art I cobbled together for the DX. I doubt its high enough res to make up glasses for a full size fruit machine but will be interesting to see what can be achieved. Should be easy enough to lift the artwork from the DX
  10. Cheers for these, they run fine
  11. Cracking machine, my all-time favourite!!
  12. A classic has already been done by Reg at Desert Island Fruits.
  13. Can't remember TBH. I've not had that layout on my PC for donkeys years. Certainly not Astra so yeah must have been MPU4.
  14. Looks better than my effort I did 18 years ago lol
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