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  1. Hi thanks for your help on this i decided to reinstall the game and it works now i have also gone into the test mode and set volume thanks again for your help
  2. Hi makes no difference cleared the numbers when i tick back door nothing happens its when i untick it resets when i press test it just pauses the reels
  3. i must be missing something here i can do what you say on all other machines but on cops n robbers it must be locked out if i tick back door and then press test it just stops loading is there a setting in the edit menu thanks
  4. Hi thanks for reply when i tick back door ( which is now s door) nothing happens when i untick it resets
  5. Hi hope someone can help im playing club cops n robbers on mfme v19 its the old bell fruit one £200 jackpot checked everywhere i can think cant get the sound to work its not muted coin and meters can hear them. when i load the newer version eg gold and platinum they work fine
  6. Hi if i think i got upto £1200 pound coins at one time it was a differnt hopper to the normal ones it was a big hefty square box driven by a belt if i remember rightly
  7. Hi everyone my name is Damian i used to have a few slot machines a while ago they were good money boxes my first machine was Globals all in a days work then i had club rollercoaster, ramises riches, cop the lot, club temptation, the later one,psycho cash beast, Rags to riches £1000 jackpot all club machines
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