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  1. REDTCS17S.BIN Hi See if this is any good....
  2. slugfest

    Mpu5 manual

    Field service manual and also fault codes manual - may be of some use...perhaps... MPU5 field service manual.pdf MPU 5 fault codes - Barcrest-converted.pdf
  3. Hi Warlord Are you just trying to fix a normal PC, or a PC based Fruit machine? Thanks Slugfest
  4. Hi, Try these, they might help. No guarantees! Slugfest Barcrest_MPU5_Gold_Strike_Multiple_ROM_Sets.zip
  5. Just closing this as the machine has now been taken by a member here... Cheers all Slugfest
  6. All Just a nudge for anyone interested in this machine. There is no charge for the machine, but obviously you'll need to come and collect it from Essex. PM if interested. Thanks Slugfest
  7. Hi, from another Essex member...
  8. All, I now find that it's actually "Take it or leave it - Crazy Trails", so if anyone has that ROM, please do let me know. Thanks in advance Slugfest
  9. All As the recipient of Matt's hard work, I just wanted to say a big public thank you. Clearly it has taken a lot of knowledge, skill/precision and most importantly effort to attempt and complete the repair. A huge thumb's up from me!👍 Slugfest
  10. Oh, I have just found this thread /info. This will help! Any MPU6 service manuals / info would still be of use. Thanks Slugfest
  11. Hi All I may be obtaining a defective MPU6 (I believe) Barcrest - Take It Or Leave It £70 JP. Does anyone have the ROM files for this? Also, is there is any general guidance on MPU6 support operations (manuals/service guides/software loading etc). I am now familiar with MPU5 but not 6. Many thanks Slugfest
  12. ..possibly the most hideous sounds of any machine ever... 🙂
  13. Hi I think this may be the one you need. Cannot be 100% sure though. Slugfest rbow0_2K.bin
  14. Hi All, As I may have stated in a previous post, my Club Cops and Robbers is broken and gathering dust in my garage. The mainboard has suffered battery damage. If anyone is interested in the machine please let me know. PM for further info. Location = Essex Cheers Slugfest
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